FRC M10 Game Thread

I.e. not a vanilla townie

Also, I do claim to have a PR. I can’t tell you what it is, but you’ll want to keep me alive.

any town left can say that though. Except the one Vanilla Townie left. whoever you are, vanilla townie, lots of support

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Let me know when you have an idea

I’m tired of getting accused for trying

Also, just to let you guys know, I won’t be active again until either tomorrow morning, or around 6 pm pst tomorrow. I have to work on a farm tomorrow.

I’ve shifted my brain into something resembling motion…

Dumb question, but OTHER THAN debating with quack, what was brandon doing? Uh… debating with quack. Also voted quack EOD yesterday.

I don’t necessarily trust the time argument, per se. Sure, the shot was fired as soon as seen, but it can take a couple of minutes to see and process incoming post. Plus, some folks might be using invisible mode (hidden profile and online), which would expand the pool from two targets–you literally don’t know who was online for sure. I’m not going to discount timing totally–but I’m not going to say that it’s either A or B based solely on that.

All right, so let’s try to figure this out. There’s a bunch of possibilities.

  1. Mafia Shot Brandn. That means that the Inventor gave the Gun to a Mafia. Mafia used it.
  2. Mafia Shot X. Illuminati Switcher switched the two, Brandn took the pain.

All right, so the precondition for all of those is that the Inventor gave the Gun to a Mafia, who used it. I don’t see that that’s impossible–Inventor wouldn’t know who Mafia was. That being said, the Inventor now knows who at least one Mafia is, and had better be outing them right quick. Vote, please, Inventor, if you haven’t already. The big issue? The message is wrong.

  1. Town Shot Brandn. See above.
  2. Town Shot X. Switcher switched X and Brandn.

Similar preconditions as before–but now Inventor would be voting Town not Mafia. And on top of that, the message is still wrong.

  1. Illusioner Shot Brandn. Well… Now that ability is gone, unless an Inventor or Fake Inventor gives an item to the Illusioner. Speaking of which… @gellnick, confirm that Illusioner can’t pull the illusion again? Or confirm that the Illusioner can get an item from either Inventor?
  2. Illusioner Shot X, who was Switched with Brandn. This one means the Illuminati PLAN. They have a chat, they can do that.

Noting that normally if somebody fires a gun, all you get is “PLAYER DIED” but we got “Player killed Player”, it’s the Illusioner.

Now the question is, who’s the real target? What if… The Illuminati were targeting somebody else all along? That means they’re either dysfunctional (Illusioner didn’t know their target was Switched), or they’re planning really well. Or what if the target actually WAS quack, and the Illuminati were trying to help Town for a moment?

Brandn was boring in on discrepancies in what quack was saying, but he and quack had been quiet for a while when the shot was fired. That makes it… more interesting.

Oro–given item from Fake Inventor
Quack–reports being offered a Deal (Mafia Dealmaker) and declining.

Hold up a second. The last serious move made was Spork saying Mika was suspicious. Online at the time: Mascot, Kline, Spork, Ruth, quack. Spork and Ruth posted and bailed. It’s not impossible to fire off a post and a PM nearly simultaneously–Discourse is great like that, you tab your browser and draft both at once, fire both almost at once, bail. But… we just don’t know.

brandon thinks quack, kline, type, quin, and bear are scum (per death note).
kaitlyn, per death note, thinks Kline is not mafia, likely town, Ruth and brandon figured role out.


Let’s assume, for a moment, that the Illuminati are slightly dysfunctional. Now if I was Illuminati, I’d play like this: Switcher picks two players to switch, Fake Inventor gives item to Illusionist, Illusionist takes action based on items. Oro was the recipient–Oro was NOT illusionist as not online close enough (and is not in invisible mode)–unless there was a fairly significant time delay, which there could have been (in transmission only–unlikely!). Let’s take a guess that the Switcher switched Spork and brandn so when the Illusionist fired at Spork to shut him and his evidence up, the shot went wild.

@SergeantSpork5853–you said you were suspicious of Mika. Care to explain why, and do you still think that way?

Let’s put it this way for now, and note that I’m not actually voting yet because I do want to (try to) wade through the rest:

The names that keep cropping up are Kline and Quack. But the suspicion note right before the shot was Mika by Spork.

On the previous night/nightkill/etc:. I’m going to say that Kline probably isn’t Mafia (but I’m definitely scumreading him) because the only way I’m still alive if he is is that the Doctor was a much more tempting target. If I’m still alive after tomorrow night, Kline DEFINITELY isn’t Mafia if he’s also alive.
Oh, and Bepwei won’t be Mafia-targeted. Too risky given the deathnotes.


Incidentally, I won’t be voting until the 12 Pacific or 4 Pacific (approximate) hours, and then I’ll be dropping off the face of the CD earth until after EOD most likely. Don’t know if I’ll vote at all, because I’m not sure sure yet. Too many questions.

why should she stay she could just catch up on it later

he can’t have received it from the inventor because it takes one night to make the item and another to give it away. he could have been the inventor and gotten a gun that way. That would be the only way that @Thequackmaster could have had a gun

never mind this post I was reading through what happened during sleeps and did not read far enough. If anyone has questions for me ping me and I will answer them towards lunch time beast coast time

Inventor starts with gun.



Sorry just wanted to make sure everyone was correct in these possibilities that could have happened with this event.

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no your good. I got confused about it for a bit. I understand that now

/unvote ExplosivesLead2412
/vote @EricKline

Any reason why?

There just seems to be a lot of accusations without much basis getting flung around, since no one can understand the situation at hand. I think we should go back to @EricKline’s list and consider that again since clearly people are hiding in the right did nothing saw nothing category

I just want everyone to know that even though Im not posting I am reading…

I feel like he’s just in my face about things too much.

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Because that would be boring

Like. Literally who would do that. You gotta consider that nothing is certain in a game with this many variables and items.and crazy roles. If I had done the deed, you can be certain I’d stick around to watch the fireworks and be do damage control right away if something went wrong.

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