FRC M12 signups

I wish we could just take the SAT, it’s just another PSAT but harder than the freshman one


another #birdalliance?

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By the way, I’ve been meaning to get this out before roles are revealled. I am a mafia (surprise, surprise).

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Save all game play for the game thread please

K, how long will it be till the thread will be open?

I will probably put it out tomorrow morning when I do the roles.

Hey, don’t worry. I’m the Town Cop and @ash4fun is the Mafia.


K, no problem.

Okay, I lied. I’m not the mafia. I’m the godfather.

Says the programmer

EXCUSE ME!?!?!?!?

I’m not a programmer. I’m just a guy who imports stuff off a website.

Programmer. Noun. A person who does stuff with computers that is usually very technical. Often breaks everything. Runs off of pizza and soda.

Programmer. Verb. To break the robot without touching it.

You fit the first definition.

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And the second

You have to touch it to plant the explosives, RIGHT?

BTW, if anybody’s at Beach Blitz, say hello. I’m the zebra with a white FIRST Alumni patch.

I’m not sure I should answer that question.

You can plead the 5th.

M12 game thread is up

Bumping this because I believe we need a backup. If you wanna join pm a mod listed in OP