FRC M6 Game Thread

You want to be killed?!

Heck yeah

Not irl, of course.

ill work on it /s

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I have to go find a vote count from the last thread lol brb

Lol I can’t find the old thread help

Vote Count

GoalkeeperBoss (1) - kaylac
kaylac (1) - goalkeeperboss


CD will not let me make a post with just the above because it’s not a complete sentence.


didnt think that would post lol

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I’m in English. Also, youre beigng a hypocrite by saying that. @EricKline is Mafia a significant improvement over English?

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I’m attempting to pay attention smh

ive got ied rn and we are doing inventor and ive already done all the assignments

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I’m in English too, CD is definitely more significant.

To the game?

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Paying attention in class


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im not on cadteam but i know how to

I’m working on an impractical drivetrain in CAD during history. I love doing that.

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Considering I’m on my phone playing mafia while my teacher talks about Shakespeare, yes CD is more important.