FRC M8 signups!

Player list is now full! only backup signups from now on

Welcome to FRC Mafia Game 8! For this game, we will be playing with the Mad17 setup that will be used in the upcoming Mafia Universe championship. This game will be moderated by your amazing hosts, @JKBear331, @Thequackmaster and @darth_tabor!

Game will start next week sunday

Without further ado, here’s the signup poll:

  • I’ll play!
  • I’ll be a backup
  • I’ll sit this one out…
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  1. Follow the Chief Delphi forum rules.
  2. Be respectful to the hosts and your fellow players.
  3. Don’t be inactive. If you do not post meaningfully on any given day, you will be prodded. Receiving two prods will result in your removal from the game.
  4. Do not quote/screenshot private host messages. They’re private for a reason.
  5. Don’t throw the game. Always play with the intent of helping your faction win.
  6. No editing or deleting posts for any reason without express moderator/host permission.
  7. No posting after majority is reached or at night. I can’t lock the thread, so we’re relying on you all to just follow this rule and not post. Repeated or egregious failure to comply will result in your removal from the game.
  8. Do not discuss the game outside of the game. Anywhere. It’s not worth it.
  9. It’s a game - have fun!


  • Days will last up to 36 hours.
  • Nights will last roughly 12 hours.
  • The Mafia have a factional night-kill. Any living member may carry out the kill on any given night.
  • Night actions are performed by sending a message on the PM one of the host will send you with your role card, or in the Mafia chat if you are a member of the Mafia.


  • To accuse someone, say “ /vote [player] ”.
  • To rescind your vote, say “ /unvote ”.
  • Making your votes obvious (bolded, on their own line, etc.) will make it less likely to be missed by us.
  • Vote counts will be given whenever a host is available to do so. You may request one by pinging any of us.
  • Every day will have a deadline elimination - whoever has the most votes when the 36 hour timer expires will be eliminated.
  • If a person is killed, their alignment, but not their role, will be revealed.
  • If the end of day has been reached, stop posting immediately. Repeated or egregious failure to comply may result in a modkill.

Night Actions

  • Your role will have certain nights (from 1 to 4) on which it may act. If you try to use an action on any other nights, it will be ignored.
  • The mafia factional nightkill is optional on nights 1 through 4, but is mandatory nights 5 and onward. If no nightkill is submitted, one will be assigned randomly.

After The Night

  • You will receive the results of any investigative night actions taken, as well as the success of certain other night actions you take.
  • You will be told what happened to you in your PM.
  • Day will begin. If a person is killed, their alignment, but not their role, will be revealed.
  • If you are dead, do not post. We will try to start a PM chain for dead players to discuss the game.


There will be 13 town-aligned players, and 4 mafia-aligned players. Your alignment does not influence you role in any way. Put another way, alignments and roles will be randomized independently

Role Acts On Modifier
Watcher n1 Only Macho
Watcher n2 Only
Alignment Cop n2 Only 1x Ninja
Alignment Cop n3 Only 1x Ninja
Vigilante n2 Only
Vigilante n3 Only
Doctor n1, n3
Doctor n2, n4
Tracker n1, n3
Tracker n2, n4
Jailkeeper n1, n3
Jailkeeper n2, n4
Roleblocker n1, n2, n3
Role Cop n1, n2, n3 1x Strongman
Jack of All Trades(Role Cop, Tracker, Roleblocker) n1, n2, n3
Jack of All Trades(Doctor, Jailkeeper, Voyeur) n1, n2, n3
Voyeur n1, n2, n3, n4 1x Strongman

Role Cards

Town Rolecards
Role Modifiers


  1. gellnick
  2. Shelby_Lamp
  3. ash4fun
  4. Cattypaws
  5. EricKline
  6. EricH
  7. WilliamHurley
  8. Bepwei
  9. Kaitlynmm569
  10. Squirrel2412
  11. typeusernamehere
  12. Hailey.faiella
  13. GoalkeeperBoss
  14. Mika1820
  15. SergeantSpork5853
  16. Copepod
  17. hopelessdiamond2412


  1. Random_Narwhal_Scout
  2. andrew-5678
  3. spaghetto


  1. Thequackmaster
  2. JKBear331
  3. darth_tabor
  4. orangeandblack5
  5. discobot

To Join as a Backup

Simply click “Backup” in the poll above. If somebody needs to drop out for any reason, you will take their place.


  • What is Forum Mafia?
    Here is a short guide from Mafia Universe describing the basics of Forum Mafia. In short, it is a variation of the party game Mafia (also known as Werewolf) that has been adapted to be played on forums.
  • What does _______ mean?
    There is a great glossary of various Mafia terms that may be used on the Mafia Universe Wiki .
  • Are game days real days?
    No. In-game days are entirely separate from real-world days.
  • I’m still confused.
    Feel free to ask any host any and all questions you may have!
  • How do I reveal @darth_tabor as Mafia?
    Type “/vote @darth_tabor”, and ping a host! We all want the Mafia outta here!
  • I see the game is full - can I still play somehow?
    Once the playerlist is full, we’d love to have some backups in case anybody drops out or is inactive. Backup players might be called upon at any time to fill the shoes of a player that needs to be replaced.
  • I’d like to see another role - How do I suggest it?
    It may not be possible to add it this game, but make sure to tell one of the hosts by @'ing them and we will try to add it.

This game we will be much more strict about talking while dead during the game, we need to find something out but NO TALKING WHILE DEAD! Bad Quackers!

Here you go @gellnick you happy now?

Also I know we have no new roles, if you do not like a role suggest it be removed or if you want to add one just say it, the mods will appreciate it very much.

Really special people get Town Ehhhhhhr…eeeeeehhhhhhhhrrrrrrrrrr…bumbumbumbum…eeeeeeeeeee-rrrrrrrrrrr…skkkkkkkrrrrrrrrtttttttt.

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/vote @darth_tabor

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ok the post is now a wiki so if a player is not added you can add them but otherwise do not change anything in the post except for the player list.

It’s a lowercase g.

Thank you!

Me:a week ago dam AP season grind is on I ain’t got time for no maifa
Me: 30 minutes later so yeah I’m bored when we got more mafia coming.


why is d**m censored


The swearing thread

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Suggestion: If a dead player talks, /stake or /silverbullet from any player. >1 of either gets 'em booted out of the Dead Chat. If they still go for it after that, they don’t play the next game.


good idea

I thought zombies died to fire… But i guess vampires work too…

C**p is censored too

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Naughty cat! No swearing.

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Forgot about that one. /fire would be the other allowed kill signal.

Bonus: If one player lands all 3, they’re added to the UNDead Chat at Biers bar in Ankh-Morpork, by default.


wut? I’ve probably gotten all three from last game, come to think of it. Do I get in?


Exactly. In this case, referenced in The Truth.
It’s the bar where the undead (werewolves, zombies, vampires, bogeymen, and ghouls, in this case) hang out–and you don’t want to drop in and indicate you have stakes or silver.

Great! I’m all in!

PLEASE! I’m so freaking tired of people talking after night ends, especially dead people!