FRC M8 signups!


A wiki?


Oh I see it


no his account was silenced


I guess we need a new player


What did he mean by this…have other people been getting PM’s?


I did the thing.


Wait can’t we just add it to the already existing wiki…


Yes other users in this thread have been PM’d in the past about conduct.

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I am planning to do such if it doesn’t die immediately lol

It’s an experiment


I did, but for something entirely unrelated to the present topic

Not sure if that was counted


Hmm… Can’t say I’m surprised.

Glad it’s not me. I’ll work to help make sure we keep things on topic :+1:


I’m just worried about creating a bunch of different mafia threads, that’s all.


I understand that, but given the recent events I have a feeling the mods will find this method of “crowd control” a preferable option.


Wait so is M8 on CD or discord?


I vote for me not being silenced


CD. Discord is just or off topic talk.


On cd because no discord


I suppose…


Games would be on CD

Discord games are awful, been there done that and no thanks

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I’m pretty sure the discord is for the chatter and CD is for actual in-game stuff-

darn it, got beaten to the punch.