FRC M9 Game Thread

i will not be present for the week of july 4th but will be around for the rest of it

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I get back on the 2nd, so technically not all of July, but most of it.

I am in the same boat as the flash gone for the first week and okay for the rest

@gellnick I think @TheFlash has a point. 7/4 week is going to be a bit on the dead side.

But the week after that…

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I kinda figured 4th of july week is bad for most, I’m probably gonna be missing 90% of it anyways.

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Hey, if it gets too bad, you mind if I sneak in a Popcorn round in late June?

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yes otherwise we will all die of CD mafia withdrawl

Go for it. Just call it Mini Mafia-Withdrawal Popcorn Mafia… Or something like that.

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I’m not sure how I’ll survive.
Oh wait, I have Minecraft!

CD Mafia>minecraft

Something along those lines. Popcorn rounds typically go fast so maybe next weekend for signups/start.

Signups for M10 going up at some point when I finally finish them…

And when my wifi isn’t so **** slow

don’t u mean ■■■■?

sure why not…
I wish that I had more than a 1 mbps download and upload speed…


I get back on Augest 19th. Will the game be over by then or should I volunteer to be a backup?

Backup… You’ll have a decent chance of getting in. (If some people who I suspect signed up did)
And the game could last for 2 weeks, it might last 5 days, who knows?

K, sign me up as a backup.

Sign up!
I’m not stopping you, I just see what’s on the poll.