FRC Mafia 14 Game Thread

You were maf in m12 right?

/vote @gellnick

i aint liking the vibe of that confirmation

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to be completely honest i have no freaking idea

No u

I’m pretty sure gellnick did the 1,1 pick

Are you suggesting I put my vote somewhere else?

Whoever picked the 1,1 draft


What if I did 1.000000001?



NoT a WhOlE nUmBeR

What is this big brain mark?


i tried something like that and he clarified with whole numbers so thats debunked


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Hey @GoalkeeperBoss you wanna reveal your picks?
You seem to be all for revealing picks…

im not sure i wanna be the first, but hey if i gotta i will

Why do you want to reveal picks? What information do you wish to obtain? In not opposed to it, but I need a reason.

I’m not even sure that revealing who picked where would give any important information.


I feel like it puts a target on people toward the top of the draft order


Ok I have a physics test I’ll be back in an hour and a half

i think mafia could hide in the lower ends of the draft to try and seem like a “non threat” and if someone else counterclaimed we would know something is up