FRC Mafia 1st Invitational Sign Ups

Please note that the game will start promptly at 2019-07-01T15:00:00Z no matter the player count.

Roles will be sent out in the 12 hours prior, starting at 2019-06-30T16:00:00Z, with the assumption that no more players will be joining.

Can I confirm before the game officially starts?

The game thread will open at 8 am, at which point you can confirm, assuming you got your role card

Ok. I may not be able to confirm tomorrow, as I’m currently in a car going up to a place with virtually no reception.

As long as you confirm within the first 24 hours of game start

That I cannot guarantee. Within the first 72 hours for sure.


I’ll send you your role card prior to then I guess

When do you leave?

I’m in the car now. I still will have wifi access for another 5 hours but I don’t know how good the reception is when I get where I’m going.

Okay. I’ll rand the game now.

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Good luck!
Prays for Illuminati Fake Inventor
Oh wait that’s M10…
Prays for Cupid role


May the odds be ever in your favor



Ya gotta spell it in that delicious capital accent! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


But we aren’t British, how would that go over with an English teacher…

What if I wanna be Cupid?? It seems like a fun role


Ill be meh active for a while and I guess I could join a bit. Just don’t expect a flood of posts like normal

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Ok just a warning, Wednesday’s I’m not on till 10pm because mom has internet locked till then @EricKline

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quiet chuckling


Oh dear…


Game Thread is Up! Go Confirm!