FRC Mafia 2 - Day 3 [9/13]


@EricKline sorry boss, can’t rule you out as mafia just yet


Welcome to the game! Very happy to hear we have another ally, your assistance in getting to the bottom will certainly help. But don’t think your off the hook immediately! We have to vet everyone, even if they seem friendly.


Of course, that easy to understand. As you know I haven’t ruled you out either. Let me know if their is anything I can do to ensure you that I am not the mafia.


I am a project manager at Vber, the autonomous spacecraft company. I have only lived on Primus for about a year, recently transferring from Vber’s earth department, Uber.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but was Lovot part of @EricKline ‘a company?


Hmm I don’t recall specifically, ill try and look back and see if i can find anything.

Remember although the roles make a fun part of the game, it has no bearing on weather or not someone is the mafia. So its important to pay attention to how someone is acting, and less what they are saying.


Reading over the conversation of the last day, for me, it has become very clear that @EricKline is a member of the mafia.

First off, he was the first to give himself a cover story for why he couldn’t be the mafia, even before anyone pointed a finger at him. He claimed that the media coverage prevents him from inciting violence, but we all know that the rich and powerful have their ways.

Secondly, he voted and accused @Alex4308, with little evidence, probably just to direct attention at an innocent citizen.

Third, when the votes started catching up to him, he wrote a huge defense for himself. Now, writing a defense is hardly a crime and we all would have done it, but what is interesting is the people he accused of being the mafia.

Out of the three he accused, @Caleb_Sykes, @amanjaiman, and @IronicDeadBird, amanjaiman works for Kline Industries. Now, I think the mafia would accuse one of their own, just to seem innocent when they end up getting eliminated, making them kind of like a martyr. Making amanjaiman or IronicDeadBird a mafia member.

Additionally, Just as the votes were tied up between Caleb_Sykes (who we now know was innocent, rip) and EricKline, amanjaiman, changed his vote to Caleb_Sykes. This tipped the vote to eliminate Caleb_Sykes. amanjaiman claimed “insider sources” told him to change his vote. One can assume his insider was none other than Eric_Kline telling him to save him.

So I think @amanjaiman is also part of the mafia.

/vote EricKline


Okay, how do a break this down…

First, I think maybe your focusing too much on the made up roles. They are entirely made up and have no bearing on the actual game.

Secondly, I cant say that a lot of your logic makes sense… If I was the mafia, why would I include a mafia member, @amanjaiman on my list of mafia members, right before I was about to die? That would make 0 sense. I had no confidence that I was going to survive yesterday, my last act would have been to defend my fellow mafia, not accuse them.

Third, their is no PM’ing allowed so how would I have been able to tell @amanjaiman to change his vote? I too think that he is a Mafia member, because who else would have been his “insider source.” Also, he has made no attempt to refute my accusation…

/vote @amanjaiman


I understand your thoughts on the roles, however, I do think they play an important part in the manipulation of the game. For example, if you have allied yourself with someone through your role, odds are they would be somewhat more trusting towards you, and thus you work potentially want to work together.

I’m pointing out that he was outside this ‘company’ because of these theoretical alliance lines. One of the mafia inside the company would want to keep this idea of trust by eliminating someone outside of the company, like Lobot.

Thus, I have reasonable cause to believe that the mafia have aligned with Eric both to form a sense of trust and hide behind his large presence in the chat.


What’s the voting so far?


I think @rtkjn makes some good points, except for his accusation for me being the mafia. I can understand the accusation against @EricKline and just to prove that I am not the mafia, I will vote for him as well.

Sorry boss

/vote @EricKline


Lodot was not, as far as I know.

Edit: Not part of @EricKline 's company


How does that prove your not the mafia…

Anyway, no hard feelings. Again I can’t say that I blame yall, buy I’m still going to try and probe to y’all that I’m not part of the mafia. I’m working on a very complex argument and exel document to prove my innocents and to figure out who is, so look forward to that.


@EricKline as suspicious as you seem, tbh i don’t think you’re mafia. You talk way too much to be one and I think mafia members would be smart to hide under you presence in this game.

/vote amanjaiman


Vote Count

EricKline (2) - rtkjn, amanjaiman
amanjaiman (2) - EricKline, darth_tabor


Caleb didn’t pull his vote? Woah… I thought he was trying to bait out mafia and at the last second he could pull his vote flip it on Eric and that would save him.


Wow that would have been smart for him… I didn’t even think about that.

Hmm i’m worried that maybe were being too focused on how people have been acting, we should try and see why they killed @Lodot

What has been bothering me is that it seems far to convenient that the first night, they were able to kill the Cop. Lodot was hardly noticeable, no offence to him, but why would they pick him. It would have made far more sense to kill someone outspoken who was getting close to figuring it out, witch makes me second guess my picks from earlier…(well actually it would be foolish for the mafia to kill me if i had picked them because the rest of the people would have immediately known that I was on the right track… or is that what they want us to think?)

So, maybe it would be valuable to look at what Lodot did to incite them to kill him, despite the fact that their is no apparent reason…


Well that’s a shame… I went to go see who Lodot voted for because we could then presume that they were the mafia trying to shut him up, before realizing that Lodot voted for me…




I suppose they might have had the intention for people to think I am mafia by killing him, making it look like i’m the mafia


In terms of why the Mafia would target @Lodot, we cannot rule out pure luck. Of course, that’s not to say that it was pure luck, nor that it wasn’t. But we do need to consider that possibility.

Additionally, I would also like to point out that it is a relatively Mafia tactic to target quiet people, although it is not necessarily a given that they will employ it during this game.


First of all, the mafia had no way of knowing that @Lodot was actually the cop. Just a lucky guess on their part.

Second, that’s exactly what a member of the mafia would say. Also, I think you are using a lot of reverse psychology which makes me very suspicious.

I think you would choose to kill someone like Lodot because he wouldn’t bring suspicions wouldn’t be traced back to you.