FRC Mafia 2 - Day 3 [9/13]


I believe @EricKline is a mafia member and had from the beginning for many of the reasons said before. Also I believe (correct me if I am wrong) that the mafia have a day chat (it was said before in the thread. I also think @EricKline is putting too much weight on a lucky guess made by the mafia to redirect him. I’m just a humble baker, that’s just my take on the situation.
/vote @EricKline


Vote Count

EricKline (3) - rtkjn, amanjaiman, jss10713
amanjaiman (2) - EricKline, darth_tabor


And so the Mafia got 12 hours closer to victory for free.

11 hours remain.


I am going to continue to /vote for @EricKline.
He is too talkative and if we kill him it would show who his conspirators are or are not.


Vote Count

EricKline (4) - rtkjn, amanjaiman, jss10713, robert3827
amanjaiman (2) - EricKline, darth_tabor


Ok I’m not sure their is anyway for me to convince y’all that I’m not the mafia unfortunately, but at least it will feel good for y’all to realize that I’m not, should you choose to kill me.

In the meantime, I’m going to continue to work out a way to determine the mafia, to help y’all when I’m gone. Presuming you do kill me, you’ll have 3 days left, as 2 town people will die that night. That will bring our total civ to 9, to 3 mafia… That gives you 3 nights if you fail to kill any mafia. I’ll try and send out my Excel doc that I’ve kept info on everyone with before I die for someone to keep going.


/vote @amanjaiman
I have found @EricKline to be genuine, and every accusation is based on him being active. I think he is active because he needs to respond to all the accusations. It has snowballed into him being accused the most.


Vote Count

EricKline (4) - rtkjn, amanjaiman, jss10713, robert3827
amanjaiman (3) - EricKline, darth_tabor, Alex4308


Here is the Excel document Ive been working on with profiles on every person. I seem to be missing a few accusations, so maybe one of y’all can help add to it.

So turns out I don’t know how to enter an Excel document, is that not possible or can someone help me? Here is a picture in the meantime.


Wow nice!


Also, something has been bothering me… It seems as though there has been a disturbing lack of @amanjaiman trying to deny his many accusations…or is that just me?

Also, combined with the fact that he has “insider sources,” i’m feeling even more confident that @amanjaiman is a member of the mafia. Perhaps he was trying to hide behind me by calming he was part of my company…


Thanks! Its what I was doing today instead of class, hahaha.


Just under 6 hours remain.


Is their a reason why not many people seem to be talking today?


I feel like there was a lot more banter yesterday.

Also only 7 of the 11 people have voted?


I didn’t get a lunch break at work.


What’s up with that?


@IronicDeadBird has fallen suspiciously quiet (though the lunch break excuse is likely legit)…then again, so has pretty much everyone else. @EricKline listed himself as a Citizen in his spreadsheet, which implies his role could be something else since we’re not allowed to post role cards. But including “I’m not a mafia member” in a lot of posts seems like a pretty obvious giveaway. I think @EricKline’s likeliness of being a Citizen or a Mafia Goon is about 50/50.

/vote @amanjaiman


/vote @amanjaiman


I am currently withholding my vote unless necessary to break a tie.