FRC Mafia 2 - Day 3 [9/13]


Vote Count

amanjaiman (5) - EricKline, darth_tabor, Alex4308, ctt956, Ian4467
EricKline (4) - rtkjn, amanjaiman, jss10713, robert3827


I think both people being voted have merited being mafia members. I would also like to note that seems our view has narrowed to a few people we are choosing which could be a good or bad thing. I am going to keep my vote to @EricKline because I still believe it is him.


One hour remains.


I would what @EricKline’s wrote on his spreadsheet with a grain of salt. He would of course put that he is a citizen on the spreadsheet to not reveal his true identity.


I specifically got fast food to make sure I could get home in time to write this.
I want to address CTTs original accusation of me being mafia.

I will not deny my involvement in the space rock industry at all I am after all a geology professor, but I did question Eric’s mafia list for a very simple reason. Inconsistency. He didn’t apply his rules for sorting equally to everyone, some people with similar amounts of talking were on different lists. That was a red flag to me. He also dropped this little gem.

I would argue that the Cop is the most interesting role but that isn’t the point. Making the opinion “mafia is the most interesting” into a fact is a dangerous thing to do. The a group that benefits pretty well from bad info in this game is the mafia, who is actively looking to misdirect everyone. So it is crucial that when we add to the conversation we do so in a careful meaningful way that doesn’t give the mafia any leverage. Eric even acknowledges that when saying.

Then he alludes to this sort of key to solving the mystery.

His next post isn’t that spreadsheet or complex argument, it in fact is.

Which incriminated him. It’s really sloppy to see this after the whole “be careful thing”, and frankly I don’t know what to make of it but still consistently EricKline is the only one feeding out bad information.

Now going back to Caleb’s Gambit I believe Caleb voted for himself to make himself a target for the mafia. Knowing this I still voted for Caleb so by my logic since I voted for him I am also mafia. I voted for him because he could have (and I thought he would have) unvoted himself at any point in time. Also at the time I voted however we had a cop that could help prove my innocence, now we don’t and I’m stuck in this situation. I do appreciate however that CTT has taken this time and my inability participate as much in chat to paint me as mafia. After all the space rock business argument is rather weak considering the entire economy of Primus is based on space rocks.

All the being said as much as I would love to vote at CTT for pushing shade towards me constantly, and I could be persuaded that aman is mafia but my vote is for Eric. If he is mafia they will need to step in to save him if they haven’t already voted.
/vote @EricKline


/vote @EricKline to break the tie.


Well that’s a shame. Great playing with y’all. I hope you feel a little bit of guilt in 10 minutes when you find out I wasn’t the mafia( I’m not really mad, I was just having a lot of fun and I’m upset it’s over so quick). I can’t wait for the next round, I’m rooting for you guys! It’s too bad I don’t have more time to lay out my final arguments, but I believe in your ability!


Four minutes remain.


Why is everybody green what


Vote Count

EricKline (6) - rtkjn, amanjaiman, jss10713, robert3827, IronicDeadBird, Squirrel2412
amanjaiman (5) - EricKline, darth_tabor, Alex4308, ctt956, Ian4467

If you wanna switch, you have three minutes.


Whoa that’s weird (and also cool).

My guess is an indication of being online, but I’m not certain.


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The day has ended, please stop posting.


Night falls on the Primus colony.

But before the colonists all return to their beds, they accuse their CEO of being a member of the Mafia, and, considering their Cop is dead, launch him off of the planet.

Upon deciding that maybe they should search his possessions, however, they realize they made a mistake it is now too late to correct.

EricKline was a member of the Town!


Night has begun and will end 2019-01-17T15:00:00Z-ish. Do not post until Day 3 has begun.

Notably, I will be working at the auto show tomorrow, so daystart may be delayed by up to several hours depending on how many people visit to ask about our car.


Day will be starting in roughly 30 minutes-ish


Dawn breaks!

As the colonists rise from their homes and attempt to gather for another day of work on Primus, they notice that the Vber project manager, rtkjn, is not available to give them a ride! They bike to his home to see if he is alright, but upon entering they find his corpse - the Mafia has clearly struck again!

rtkjn was a member of the Town!

Shocked by this terrible loss, the Town must now reconvene to find the Mafia without the aid of their local Uber Driver.

Day has begun and will end at approximately 2019-01-19T03:00:00Z. Note that majority is now in play - with 9 alive, if any player has 5 votes at any point they will immediately be eliminated.


NOOO!!! Now who’s going to drive me around to deliver my leaflets? The mafia are going to pay.