FRC Mafia 2 - Day 3 [9/13]


See this is why I don’t feel bad about day being two hours shorter :stuck_out_tongue:


It does speak volumes that nobody is speaking. Everyone has been reactionary with the exception of Eric and talking is really what got him.
I’m going to start with the obvious. @Squirrel2412 Why did you withhold your vote in the manner you did?


This also isn’t an accusation wild accusations have had a pretty bad success rate so far if you haven’t noticed.


@IronicDeadBird from my experience playing Mafia, ties are generally a bad thing for Town, as voting is the only guaranteed way that they can eliminate the Mafia. Coming from that perspective, I decided to withhold my vote to prevent a last minute tie, which nearly happened.


@IronicDeadBird’s excuses for inactivity seem reasonable, so I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt and not consider his inactivity suspicious. After all, most of the players have been quiet recently. @amanjaiman seems the most likely to be a mafia member at this time. He hasn’t posted in 2 real life days, claims to have “insider sources”, and voted for his boss. If he is a member of the mafia, he would have known that @EricKline was not; his vote was to not only save himself, but also to shift attention to @EricKline.

**/vote @amanjaiman **


I have to agree with @ctt956 but I’m going to withhold my vote until more discussion happens, also don’t people get prodded after not talking for a day.


Yeah but I’ve had a heck of one so I haven’t been able to count :man_shrugging:


I legitimately thought @EricKline was the mafia, and I’m deeply saddened in the loss of the head of our company, but I can tell you I am not the mafia. I think we should be looking at other people who haven’t said much, like for example @jss10713, since they don’t want to draw attention to themselves.


I’m currently going through rtkjn’s arguments to find clues.

Looking at what rtkjn said in the previous day, it is clear that he was going to vote for amanjaiman today, as he concluded that both amanjaiman and Eric were mafia members. I think the mafia eliminated rtkjn bc he was on the right track, and wanted to get rid of him so he would not have that impact today.

/vote amanjaiman


Vote Count

amanjaiman (2) - ctt956, darth_tabor


Roughly 11 hours remain in the day.




@Ian4467 and @Alex4308, are you there?


Not like an official prod or anything but I kinda want to know


Yep sure am! Just being sick so that’s why I haven’t been talking.


This is going to be a real boring game if people don’t start talking. Anybody willing to step forward with their voting history.


D1 - @EricKline
D2 - Nobody.


@amanjaiman both times


First time was because Eric voted for them, second time because of rtkjn’s reasoning and elimination.


I don’t understand why you guys think I’m the mafia. We don’t know any information because everyone has been trying to eliminate one person, so only one person has to try to defend themselves. If I get voted out tonight you will lose another member of the town.