FRC Mafia 2 - Day 3 [9/13]


To keep this brief I am struggling to find much more evidence for my claim but I am voting for @squirrel2412. My main reasoning for this is that his slightly suspicious vote at to kill erickline. I feel that is how mafia works so it’s my best guess however there are many people i have nothing to say about so… that’s it /vote squirrel2412.


@robert3827 did that vote count? You didn’t @ him


I’m going to /vote @Squirrel2412 because his vote to break the tie seems a little suspicious like Robert said


I’m going to vote @amanjaiman because it seems a bit suspicious how he voted to tie it up right after somebody voted @Squirrel2412. I had doubts about him before but now it’s looking more suspicious. I’m willing to change my vote if someone convinces me

/vote @amanjaiman


Don’t need to


I’m starting to wonder if @Alex4308 is more likely a mafia member than @amanjaiman… He did ask the mafia to show themselves, and said he’s not in the mafia because he simply “has better things to do.” I’m going to switch my vote.

**/unvote @amanjaiman **

/vote @Alex4308


@orangeandblack5 what is the current vote count?



Sorry about that

Because day started 2 hours late and I’m not going to bed yet it’ll run another 1.5 hours and end 2019-01-19T05:00:00Z.


Vote Count

amanjaiman (2) - darth_tabor, jss10713
Squirrel2412 (2) - robert3827, amanjaiman
Alex4308 (1) - ctt956


Okay nobody has posted and now I’m going to bed so you have like 20 minutes lol


What happens in the case of a tie?


@ctt956 you make a good point, however unless someone else votes for Alex as well, it may not matter.

/unvote @Squirrel2412
/vote @Alex4308


Vote Count

amanjaiman (2) - darth_tabor, jss10713
Alex4308 (2) - ctt956, amanjaiman
Squirrel2412 (1) - robert3827


Three minutes remain.


I said 13 what are you talking about

Day has ended, the lynch will mow be randed.


Night falls on the Primus colony.

But before the colonists all return to their beds, they decide a coin flip will be more effective at determining the Mafia then they are - after all, they haven’t caught any of them yet!

Unfortunately, the end result was the same.

Alex4308 was a member of the Town!


Night has begun and will last until 2019-01-19T15:00:00Z.


Yeah another delay sorry


Dawn breaks!

As the colonists rise from their homes and attempt to gather for another day of work on Primus, they notice that their friend robert is no longer with them.

robert3827 was a member of the Town!

The game is now in LyLo. If the Town does not lynch a Mafia member today, the game will end in Mafia victory.

Day has begun and will end at approximately 2019-01-21T04:00:00Z.

With 7 alive, if any player has 4 votes at any point they will immediately be eliminated.


/vote @amanjaiman, based on the fact that he has garnered enough suspicion to be nearly voted out several times, but has managed to avoid being voted out in the previous rounds. At this point in time, I think that he’s our best lead, and we need to eliminate a Mafia member.