FRC Mafia 2 - Day 3 [9/13]


We need to get rid of a mafia, and I know I am not the mafia. I think we need to look at people who haven’t talked much. @orangeandblack5 mentioned on the first day that mafia should not talk too much, so let’s shift our focus to them.


tick tock


/vote @Ian4467 because he hasn’t been talking too much. If we need to get the mafia, you have to trust me guys.


Vote Count

amanjaiman (1) - Squirrel2412
Ian4467 - amanjaiman


As I’ve already said I’ve been sick and now I’m at an FRC meeting so that’s my I haven’t been talking, I have some ideas on who the mafia is though, I’ll share them later after the meeting ends.


I’m sticking with what I did last time.

/vote @amanjaiman


/vote @amanjaiman


/vote @amanjaiman


You guys are making a mistake


No we aren’t lol.


You’ve gotten away too many times nobody waver we got this.


Well he has 4 votes so I think we’ve reached majority.


I feel like we’re piling up here and that we’ve made a mistake. It seemed really weird how everyone went and voted for @amanjaiman. I think it may have been coordinated.

/vote @Ian4467


It was coordinated. Very astute of you.


Got a 8:00 deadline for a project will end the day then.

Do not post, majority has been reached.


Vote Count

amanjaiman (4) - Squirrel2412, darth_tabor, IronicDeadBird, Ian4467
Ian4467 (1) - amanjaiman

Amanjaiman has been eliminated!


With aman sent back to Earth, the Mafia now have no obstacles in their way, and take over the Primus colony, completely cutting off access from Earth and setting up backdoor channels to smuggle space rocks to make profit. The remaining colonists find themselves trapped in the middle of this moneymaking scheme with no way out.

IronicDeadBird, Ian4467, and darth_tabor have won!

Good game all around - although I do think that choosing a simple setup like this was condusive to helping the high number of first-time players get a grasp on the situation, it is unfortunate that the Cop was killed on the first night. If/when I run another game, I’ll probably choose a setup with more power roles.

Thanks for playing everybody!


Good game. Thanks for hosting @orangeandblack5!


Good game. Will it be posted in this thread if their is another game?


Oh my word… I can’t believe how wrong I was on my predictions. I was so angry I the dead chat because I thought it was so obvious. Incredible job to all 3 of the mafia, I never suspected any of you for a second (infact I thoroughly believed you were not).

Thanks so much to @orangeandblack5 for an incredible game and I can’t wait for the next one…I didn’t get to fully enjoy this one hahaha.