FRC Mafia 2 - Day 3 [9/13]


A reason for the switch?


You have been acting quite suspicious. I’m open to switching again if something else happens though.


Wait, I switched to the wrong person
/unvote @IronicDeadBird
/vote @EricKline


Vote Count

Alex4308 (2) - EricKline, amanjaiman
EricKline (2) - jss10713, Alex4308
IronicDeadBird (1) - ctt956
Caleb_Sykes (1) - Caleb_Sykes


Oh hahaha dang… Yeah I’m not exactly making the right moves to seem inconspicuous, but the games not exactly fun without people talking :man_shrugging:

Idk all I can say is that I’m not the mafia, and if I was im certainly smart enough to know that being talkative like this is the last thing you want to do when your the mafia, so maybe that counts for something.

Please save your CEO :pray::pray:


We currently have out votes pointed at each other.


Perhaps a noodle agreement is called for? I suppose if I were to apply my logic for why I am innocent, it would apply to you as well… I’m willing to switch if you are. I have someone else I’ve been looking at to vote anyway.


As a gesture of good faith: /unvote @Alex4308


/vote EricKline sorry chief you are kind of suspicious, can you prove you are not Maf?


Lol not gonna lie I would vote for me too… I mean no, that’s sorta the point… My best defence would be that if I were the mafia, it would make no sense for me to be this outspoken. Other than that I don’t have anything.


Vote Count

EricKline (3) - jss10713, Alex4308, Lodot
Alex4308 (1) - amanjaiman
IronicDeadBird (1) - ctt956
Caleb_Sykes (1) - Caleb_Sykes


Yikes this turned arround on me




Hmm another late confirm


The following players are being prodded for inactivity:


If they do not speak in-game within the next 13 hours they will be replaced with a backup player.


Hello everyone I am Robert your friendly neighborhood leaflet distributor. I spread the message of Gracious Professionalism over all else therefore I don’t have time to be in the Mafia.

I think @EricKline is in the Mafia. /vote


Dang bro what did I do to you




@erickline As a fellow scout I know the secret life of pretending to be scouting while do something else.


@Brendan89 @Eap0l confirming alone doesn’t count as participating :laughing: