FRC Mafia 2 - Day 3 [9/13]


Vote Count

EricKline (4) - jss10713, Alex4308, Lodot, robert3827
Alex4308 (1) - amanjaiman
IronicDeadBird (1) - ctt956
Caleb_Sykes (1) - Caleb_Sykes


Okay well, um, things aren’t looking great for me so i’m going to outline who I think the mafia is to help out my fellow citizens before I go into the abyss.

Who’s probably not the Mafia:
As said before, a good rule of thumb is that it is usually not the most active of the community. This would be a foolish cover as, because mafia is mostly blind guessing, people tend to vote on the people they notice the most.
This takes out:
Next, we should look at who is most inactive. Considering a role of being the mafia is the most interesting, its likely not anyone who took a considerable amount of time to confirm.
**That takes out: **
Now, I would continue to rule people out, but at that point it would be mostly biased off of gut feelings and less actual thought.

Through hours of thought, I have determined the mafia to be:

This is biased off of their relatively lite participation, intention to draw attention away from themselves, and their quick confirmation times.

Of course take this with a grain of salt, but I wanted to see how close I could get before being killed off :disappointed_relieved:

/vote @Caleb_Sykes


Vote Count

EricKline (4) - jss10713, Alex4308, Lodot, robert3827
Caleb_Sykes (2) - Caleb_Sykes, EricKline
Alex4308 (1) - amanjaiman
IronicDeadBird (1) - ctt956


So is their going to be a whole other thread for day 2 or…


Nope. There’s only a different thread for signups, because it makes sourcing backup players way easier.


Oh okay cool I was just confused because of the tread title, but i’m amusing you’ll change that day to day.


To be fair, I spend way too much time on CD, which is why I replied so quickly. Idk about the others.
I actually wouldn’t mind dying though since I’m actually just a boring townie, so go for it man, take me out.


Vote Count

EricKline (4) - jss10713, Alex4308, Lodot, robert3827
Caleb_Sykes (2) - Caleb_Sykes, EricKline
Alex4308 (1) - amanjaiman
IronicDeadBird (1) - ctt956


/unvote @EricKline


/vote @Caleb_Sykes


I am obviously a townsperson
Only a mafia would knowingly vote for a townsperson
Therefore, the following are all mafia:




Gosh darn system bug removed your quote. That’s been a persistent problem for a while.


Vote Count

EricKline (3) - jss10713, Lodot, robert3827
Caleb_Sykes (3) - Caleb_Sykes, EricKline, IronicDeadBird
Alex4308 (1) - amanjaiman
IronicDeadBird (1) - ctt956


There are roughly 5 hours left in the day.


Perhaps that’s, just slightly, hypocritical. Just a thought? I would suspect that a way to get people to not suspect you quickly would to vote for yourself, becaouse of the reverse psychology…why would a mafia ever vote for themselves? That’s exactly what they want you to think…


I think you think I’m smarter than I think I am.


Or you’re just trying to save yourself. Understandable, self-preservation is a pretty prevalent strategy


Well I mean you’d have to be pretty dumb is vote for yourself… So yes I do think your smarter than you think


Plus, at this point, even if I make it this round, the odds of me making it a considerable amount of time is low, I’m just trying to out as many mafia as I can before turning to dust