FRC Mafia 2 - Day 3 [9/13]


The following players have just over four hours to participate in the game, or they will be replaced during the night phase.



Fitting quote if we both end the day with equal votes


Yep but you and I just got accused of being mafia, I’m interested in @EricKlines response to this vote, I do have time to unvote. Keep in mind Eric listed including himself only ten people so for hours of thought hes missing a few. I’m inclined to believe that the conflict between Alex and Eric was staged.


/unvote @Alex4308
/vote @Caleb_Sykes
My insider sources have told me to change my vote


Hmm interesting… All I can say is that I left out a few people because I didn’t have explainable reason to put them one way or another. And that conflict could not have been staged because we’re not allowed to PM people


Ooh, we got 4 now, that means at least one of us is just a stupid townsperson


But you didn’t apply that criteria to all the people who fit that, if you look at the post orange made about participation you will see Robert did talk and you counted him as not mafia. I also don’t see a rule about no PM.


You can’t PM people, but the Mafia do have a daychat.

Sorry if any of that wasn’t clear to those who didn’t ask.


My list is not the end all, be all of who is mafia and who isn’t, it’s just one man’s onion.

@orangeandblack5 thank you


Nice onion


Updated rules and gameplay to be express with out-of-thread communication.


On the off chance anybody was PMing other players before, that’s fine - just privately add me to the chats and stop using them from here on out.


Thanks for pointing that out - I’m used to running games where the common rules of FM are already understood by pretty much everybody and missed that one when writing this up.




@yare_yare_lasagna @Eap0l @Brendan89 y’all’re gonna need to do more than just confirm if you don’t want to be replaced

You only have around 2.5 hours to post

@SamuraiS same




Come up with a description of yourself…


@yare_yare_lasagna confirming is not contributing to the game. It’s been 34 hours lol, respond to people, make up a story for yourself, etc.


Vote Count

Caleb_Sykes (4) - Caleb_Sykes, EricKline, IronicDeadBird, amanjaiman
EricKline (3) - jss10713, Lodot, robert3827
IronicDeadBird (1) - ctt956


Hmm. Just read through the thread and it seems very suspicious how @EricKline tied up the votes so there was a chance he would survive. Self preservation is a thing but still, it’s suspicious. :male_detective: