FRC Mafia 2 - Day 3 [9/13]


Nevermind I just looked at the vote counts again, but it still stands. I believe he still changed his vote.


Vote Count

Caleb_Sykes (4) - Caleb_Sykes, EricKline, IronicDeadBird, amanjaiman
EricKline (3) - jss10713, Lodot, robert3827
IronicDeadBird (1) - ctt956


Just over 1 hour remains!


I am very sure that @Caleb_Sykes will unvote himself later


It’s the end of Day 1. Here are my thoughts on potential mafia members:

@EricKline - CEO of a mining company, and his amount of posts is starting to look suspicious. Also, he thanked @orangeandblack5 for clarification that the mafia have a day chat, which may or may not be a normal response…

@amanjaiman - Works for @EricKline, his relationship with his boss seems to be questionably good

@IronicDeadBird - Working in the space rock industry, questioned Eric’s list of mafia members, voted for @Caleb_Sykes who doesn’t appear to be mafia, because a mafia member wouldn’t vote for himself…or would he?


Night falls on the Primus colony.

But before the colonists all return to their beds, they accuse @Caleb_Sykes of being a member of the Mafia, and send him on the first rocket back to Earth to await his trial.

After he leaves, however, an announcement is found posted in the colony’s control room:

We see this means war. We’re ready to retaliate in kind. At this rate, you’ll never find any of us!

Caleb_Sykes was a member of the Town!


Night has begun and will end 2019-01-15T15:00:00Z. Do not post until Day 2 has begun.

I will be grabbing 4 replacements for Eap0l, @yare_yare_lasagna, @Brendan89, and SamuraiS. YYL and Brendan may reclaim their spots if they message me before I go to bed and promise to be more active tomorrow.


Oof, sorry @Caleb_Sykes


no post :eyes:





Player Substitution

SamuraiS will be replaced by @rtkjn

Eap0l will be replaced by @darth_tabor

Brendan89 will be replaced by @Ian4467

Cards will be sent shortly, then the day will begin.




Morning everybody! It’s disappointing to hear about Caleb, I’m not sure what his thoughts were behind voting for himself… Anyway, when do we find out who the mafia killed last night? I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s me, so if it is just rember the list I made, and if I was close they were likely trying to shut me up.


You’re jumping the gun there Eric - day hasn’t started yet. :stuck_out_tongue:


It started at 7, no? My bad.


In general I’m trying to keep it running on a 36/12 cycle but due to player replacements daystart has been delayed by 10-15 minutes. In short, you aren’t wrong, but I’ve been busy and haven’t actually started it yet.

Doing that literally right now though. :wink:


Dawn breaks!

As the colonists rise from their homes and gather for another day of work on Primus, they notice that their local policeman, Lodot, is MIA. They rush to his home to see if he can be found, but upon entering they find his corpse - seems the Mafia really meant what they said!

Lodot was the Cop!

Shocked by this terrible loss, the Town must now reconvene to find the Mafia without the aid of their local Space Patrol Delta.

Day has begun and will end at approximately 2019-01-17T03:00:00Z.






Good morning everyone!

I am a grad student who came to Primus to study space rocks in @EricKline 's mine for my dissertation. I plan to be the first human to major in Space Rock Geology so that our colony can harness the resources of this planet. I would not kill anybody because I’m too focused on my paper, and spend all my days and nights doing research and writing. I would not kill any colonists because I would not be able to finish my paper without the help and research of my fellow colonists.