FRC Mafia 2 - Day 3 [9/13]


Player Substitution

yare_yare_lasagna will be replaced by @Squirrel2412


Welcome to the Kline Enterprises family! We’re happy to have you.




I’m a pathologist studying the effects of Primus’ gravity on a variety of pathogens, primarily bacteria and fungi, although I also have a background in bacteriophages as well.

I am not the mafia because my job is to save lives, not end them.

I also have a pet squirrel.


Well things have turned quite interesting… Lobot was a quite inactive member, its interesting that the mafia was able to pick him out of the crowd… I’m not quite sure what to thing of that.

I’m disappointed in the wrongful accusation of @Caleb_Sykes, I do take partial credit for that, but i’m not sure why he led us down that path.

Now, that now means we have 11 players remaining. No cop. 8, citizens, 3 mafia… Witch means if we were to start randomly picking people, we would have a 27% chance of picking a mafia, not great odds. I can rule out that i’m not a mafia myself, so I suppose if you chose to believe that, that gives us slightly better odds at 30%.

We have theoretically 4 days until the mafia wipe us out, amusing we fail to execute a mafia member every day… and even if we were to get mafia, it only extends our life time by only a little, witch means we have to be careful with how we proceed.

Currently, I’m not sure I know who to accuse quite yet. Playing this online…complicates things. Quite frankly i’m still not certain I will be able to last the day myself, but all I can do is implore you that I am not the mafia, and i’m doing everything I can to get to the bottom of this.


Welcome fellow Robotote! I was unaware that you were placed as a backup. I hope this doesn’t complicate the game or go against the rules…we do see each other every day so that awkward… Anyway welcome to the game!


As long as you don’t talk about the game outside of this thread, I’m glad to have you both.


Also it took you pointing it out for me to realize you have the same logo in your profile pictures


Of course, boss. Yes, hahaha, we call him 'RT". Its our team logo.


If it makes you feel any better Lodot was on my team lol


@Tyler_Olds fair enough, I’ll do that on my own from now on.


I was just PM’ing you. This game seems to bring good interaction, just remember this is a robotics forum.


Standard terminology :man_shrugging:


Interesting! I suppose that’s less a conflict of interest because your running the show. I’m the team captain and hes our very capable scouting lead. I find that particularly funny because i’m the one with “Avid Scouting Enthusiast” As my tag.


Standard warning


I mean it could very much be a conflict of interest had we talked about it at all lol


As I said, I’ve already begun editing it lol


I have full trust that you would not jeopardize the integrity of the game.

Also, does that mean were going to have to stop?


No I’m just changing the word “L**ch” to “Eliminate”


Oh haha okay i’m glad, I would have been quite upset if we were to stop, but I certainly wouldn’t want to impede on the rest of the forum


Hello! As a lawyer and Partner at Kronos and Krios at law,
I work hard every day to assist the residents of Planet Primus in cases big and small! And would be happy to assist Kline Enterprises in any court case they might have! I am not the mafia because I work hard every day defending the law, and doing the right thing for my clients!