FRC Mafia 2 Sign-Ups [Accepting Backups]


If nobody takes the slot by tonight I’ll probably pull in a friend tbh




And that is 13.




I am now randing rolecards. I will open a new thread for the game in about an hour.


@robert3827 I think emmmm may have deleted their account? You’re in.




As the game is full and has started, I’ll put you in as a backup. If somebody is inactive or has to drop out, you’ll take their place. :+1:


id like to /join as a backup as well








/join !



(I know I’m really late :confused: )





i would like to be a backup








You four are eligible to replace current players. Please let me know if you would like to do so by responding to this post with /replace in. If you have changed your minds about being a backup, please respond with /out.


@darth_tabor @Ian4467 @Squirrel2412 @EricH @npatony @Dwalker12

If any of you have responded to this post with “/replace in” by the start of the day and any of the four members I pinged above have not, you may replace a current player.

I may exempt rtkjin’s spot from this, as unlike the other three he was online during the night phase but logged off just before I made this announcement.


/replace in