FRC Mafia 3 Game Thread


It’s all part of my master plan [laughs diabolically] jk I have a specific strategy I’m employing and challenging the mafia is part of it.

On another note, I’m still suspicious of @gellnick but am willing to wait to see how the conversation develops.


For clarification, that was not a vote


Well should you get your way, perapre to be disappointed.


Does anyone else feel similarly?


I’m kinda surprised I didn’t die tonight, but I guess I’m glad too :slight_smile:


Why would mafia kill you. That would be way to odvious. Plus, whats to say you weren’t protected?


Idk I just thought I had gotten in their bad side


You’ve done (imo) nothing to push for a kill towards someone other than those we’ve killed. Me on the other hand, I’ve threatened nearly ever person in the game lol


Lol I guess… Tho if I had to kill someone I think it would be @MarkCangile… I’m not sure why, but I just feel like he’s mafia


How come he’s went MIA sense day 1? @MarkCangile


Haven’t threatened me yet :wink:

Although that might change pretty quickly…


Sure I have. Actually your one of the highest on my list. Your way to smart for me to leave alone. And you’ve given me more reason to not suspect you, while nearly everone else has


Interesting reverse psychology


*You’ve givin me no reason to not suspect you


Ohh ok


@MARS_James im interested in what you were typing…


Aww so sweet I’m glad I get to join the “Suspected by EricKline” party :heart:

Sarcasm aside, I would also point out that you still didn’t threaten me or really mention me up until these last few posts.

If it makes you feel any better, I trust you. Which means that I don’t, since I’m a paranoid young fellow who has played a little too many mind games in my lifespan.

And if you’re wondering why it took me this long to type this out, it’s because I’m brushing my teeth.


I was going to bring up you have yet to accuse the two newcomers. Also I feel like we need to add a rule where if you don’t at least acknowledge the vote with an “I am abstaining” for consecutive votes they should be prodded even if they are posting as in person when a vote is called you have to say pass or no vote as it reminds everyone you are there and not dead. As the vote counts are the most easily noticeable things when looking at days in summary



Hi y’all, before anyone gets on my inactivity tonight, I have some robotics team duties and responsibilities tonight/ (to)day. I’ll re-iterate my innocence but beyond that, I apologize again for my absence. I am choosing to abstain from voting today because quite honestly I don’t have a good enough read or reason to vote any of y’all off <3 anyways, have fun tonight and don’t forget to be GP :smiley:


How would I have voted for the newbies? They haven’t said anything?