FRC Mafia 3 Game Thread


So does anyone want to be bold and propose a kill because I’m done for now.


Second verse same as the first
/vote @EricKline

I have made it clear why I suspect him, I made it clear why I changed my vote off him and to @gellnick and I was certain @Treecko120 was not mafia hence trying protect them, which got me accused of being mafia.

I get that a talkative town is better for the town but if the biggest talker is a mafia then it is worse then the town being quiet.

So please we have let Eric lead the discussion and we have continued to kill our allies and if this gets me taken out then we are out yet another townie but at least then maybe my death will be enough to get the group to finally take him down.


Your evidence is baised off of me killing people, but that’s the point of talkative people. I’m usually the one to initiate voting witch is why it looks like I’m intentionally killing town, however, 2 failed finds is not in the slightest unusual. Infact if we had gueses the mafia correctly in the first 2 I would have been quite surprised. I don’t see how it’s fair that because I’m the one to initiate votes, I get blamed for the results.


People are damn well capable of making their own decisions, so if your so sure that my votes were rubish, we should suspect those who followed me, not the one who initiated it.



I can’t blame your suspicion, but I can tell you that you would be making a huge mistake.

Whoever is the cop, check me. I can guarantee you will find town.


Just to be clear I am not attacking you personally or think you are bad at the game. In fact I think you are very good at the game, and if you are Mafia that makes you dangerous.

The problem I have is that the people who follow you are also the good talkers there is also the small chance that both our Cop and Jailer were inactive and switched last night.

As an aside @orangeandblack5 if the Cop were to be replaced by a backup would the backup be told the results of previous investigations of the old Cop or would they start from scratch? This would also decide in the event these games continue and this eventually happens we establish precedent.


Before I respond, I just wanted to post this becouse discourse wouldn’t let me post 3 in a row

“Also I didn’t ever vote or support the kill of @Rival?”

Okay real quick. First off, I’m not a good player. I have never once correctly voted for a mafia member in any game of Fourm mafia I’ve ever played. I’m a talkative person, but I’m also very trusting. I can’t bring myself to vote for anyone anymore because you all make compelling arguments. I hate thinking that someone Ive had an active conversation with is mafia. Every time I get a special role in fail to use it effectively because I worry about doing the wrong thing. I’m not good at this game, my two town kills should make that odvious.

Or at least I’m not good town, I like to think I’d be a better mafia but I’ve never been giving the opportunity.

Secondly, I’d suspect the mafia would only dare to attempt to kill me during the day as a night kill would provide all too much evidence. I’m not suggesting that you are I’m just saying that should anyone follow you, I’d be heavily suspicious of them.




Speaking of night kills, my challenge to the Mafia still remains. Come at me.

Aside from that, I would ask if we have any info from special roles that would be helpful. You (the special roles) clearly don’t have to respond, but if, say the Cop investigated EricKline and found him to be town, that would be extremely helpful.


I very strongly agree. We need to start making moves, so the cop needs to step up. Plus, the jailperson is mostly useless until then.

Secondly, why do you push so hard for mafia to kill you. What good would that do.


Understandable, if you are taken out by my logic posted and you are town I will feel horrible, and I would be taken out the next vote leading to -2 townies. The problem with this game is you must look both logically and illogically as it makes sense for the mafia to vote together but we have not had a vote where the mafia need to vote together to save anyone besides @gellnick which is a vote you worked hard to switch.

Like I said I have nothing against you and I just have a gut feeling but one of the disadvantages of Forum vs in person mafia is not being able to see a persons live response just what they feel like posting so it is hard to get a read on them.


It’s all part of my master plan [laughs diabolically] jk I have a specific strategy I’m employing and challenging the mafia is part of it.

On another note, I’m still suspicious of @gellnick but am willing to wait to see how the conversation develops.


For clarification, that was not a vote


Well should you get your way, perapre to be disappointed.


Does anyone else feel similarly?


I’m kinda surprised I didn’t die tonight, but I guess I’m glad too :slight_smile:


Why would mafia kill you. That would be way to odvious. Plus, whats to say you weren’t protected?


Idk I just thought I had gotten in their bad side


You’ve done (imo) nothing to push for a kill towards someone other than those we’ve killed. Me on the other hand, I’ve threatened nearly ever person in the game lol


Lol I guess… Tho if I had to kill someone I think it would be @MarkCangile… I’m not sure why, but I just feel like he’s mafia