FRC Mafia 3 Game Thread


Interesting. Why did you go with a 21 person game over smaller?


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Eric Kline- MARS_James


I feel like this discussion about how the game is played and everything could be had later. I think that this would be a really good discussion to have between this game and the next as to who should be playing and how many people should be playing but right now we should just play the game.


I’m somewhat attempting to keep anyone who hasn’t already used that excuse to do it even if it doesn’t apply. Like I said earlier, someone using that excuse fakely would make me very upset.

But yes you are correct.


Demand, as I recall. There was a pretty large demand after the last round.


Yeah I bet. Bigger games also gives us more roles and that’s always fun.




I feel like @MARS_james is somewhat suspicious because of the early accusation, though I am offended that @Treecko120 (Fellow programmer) was eliminated.


Also does anyone else think @EricKline is just asking to die.


@JL_2605 it’s day in the game thread btw


Any evidence to support any of those claims?

Did you get a chance to read the whole thread?


No but I’m friends with @Treecko120 and he thought so


I’m not sure it’s fair to let real world relationships get in the way of the game, me killing him was just business and nothing personal.

Like I know @Squirrel2412 in real life but we are very careful not to mention the game in real life and I definitely don’t give him any special treatment.


I get it, I just don’t have time to go through the entire thread so I’m just going off of what I have read and heard.


And that’s fine, I’d wouldn’t either :+1:


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EricKline (1) - MARS_James

Day will end at 2019-02-10T15:00:00Z.


@MARS_James replacements are just added to the previous player’s role PM. They see everything the old players saw.


Sorry I’m in debate @orangeandblack5 I will prob need a replacement. sorry


No problem, happens to the best of us.


Unfortunately that still doesnt do us much because if they were alk in chat, they likely failed to do anything as any role.