FRC Mafia 3 Game Thread


The jack of all trades can only use each ability once. So why would they use them this early?


Oh I’d don’t realize my b


I mean, if I was that I would use my investigation first round to narrow down the list asap, or find a mafia


OH I HAVE AN IDEA! Can we theoretically find who definitely inst the mafia by looking for one person that has defended people every round, even if it seems like without evidence. We could deduct who the cop is that way, and then who the defend is likely town.


Or since we only had 2 votes it would be 1 Mafia defending 2 different Mafia


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No idea why it did that, and it will not let me change it to include the quote


BTW we have around 12 hours and 30 mins left


That sounds like a good idea to me


I’m not sure I understand


Yes we need to make a move

Well now that I’m thinking about it, any knowledge could play into the mafias hands


That’s the problem with this game. I don’t know what to do, everyone looks more or less unsuspicious.


We have only voted twice so based on

This theoretical person could also be a mafia defending two unique mafia members instead of the cop that you think might be determined this way


Sure sure. Maybe something we employ down the road.


Should we look at alliances of a sort? People clearly allying to either save or vote out? Idk what it would mean, it could be anything but it might give some hints


I mean you me and @waxton will would look like an allainace


You’re not wrong there but there also was @Squirrel2412, @ThatSoftwareGuy and @MarkCangile who I know has been replaced but idk if that means anything


I haven’t noticed them team up


Last night they all voted for me. Idk if it means anything but it was the first example that came into my mind


Not night, day


Sure. That’s a good point.