FRC Mafia 3 Game Thread


Right now I’m getting more suspicious of what happened yesterday(in game time) where Eric and Waxton went after treecko. I joined them because I doubted and still doubt that the mafia would go for as bold a strategy as to be the 2 most talkative however at some point I think we should try to vote one of them out because it certainly is a possible strategy. I’m not saying they are mafia just that their behavior was a bit suspicious as was mine when I joined them however I feel as though I was suspicious to a lesser degree as I joined later.


12 hours to go and one vote. I think that’s a record. Anyways, I don’t know who isnt suspicious in some way or another, this is just getting confusing.


Here are my twonreads in order from most mafia to least mafia:

  1. jackthenerd
  2. thatsofteareguy
  3. shelbylamp
  4. sauirrell2412
  5. waxton

Idk I was half way through and I realized how many people are in this game and I realize now that I don’t know how to rank all of them so that’s my top 5🤷‍♂️

I think my lowest on town is me and, mars.


I’m going to abstain from voting today. I don’t know who to vote for or even who is being rather suspicious.


I think I’ll do this

/vote @MarkCangile

for the sole reason being that i’ve been suspicious of him since the beginning, and i’m not sure why, but then again, why not?


He’s gone. His new guy is @jackTHEnerd


watch as he joins and gets voted out the first day


well then @jackTHEnerd will have the same role @MarkCangile had.

/vote @jackTHEnerd


I’m just saying that it’s kinda funny and sad for that to happen cuz it’s not even his fault.


I mean he’s been pretty sus right off the bat


Sounds like a mafia defending him?


How am I defending him? I just said it would be sad if it were true.


Sounds like you’re trying to mount suspicion onto me. hmmmmmmmm (I get the irony in saying this)


lol :ok_hand:


Wait have we been officially told whose been replaced yet? I can’t seem to find the message from Orange that states that


And actually, looking at the signups thread, Jack replaced Jo, not Mark


I don’t think mark has been replaced yet.


Oh shoot your right


@orangeandblack5 lol


I voted for you before any of the other people - there was not and is not an alliance between us.