FRC Mafia 3 Game Thread


well gosh dark your trickery!

/unvote @jackTHEnerd

/vote @MarkCangile


My b


Okay well we have 7 hours left and no one has made a move so I guess I will

/Vote ThatSoftwareGuy


However i do agree that mark is the most suspicious rn so

/vote @MarkCangile


Honestly he was my second pick so you have my support :+1:


Strategy question:

What happens if the town does not vote? @orangeandblack5

I mean, aside from the Mafia taking out a townie. (I suspect there’d be a random modkill, but not sure…)


I still stand by my suspicions from day two, and based on the activity of several, they’ve only been further confirmed.

With that said, I once again will
/vote @gellnick


Vote Count

MarkCangile (2) - waxton, Shelby_Lamp
ThatSoftwareGuy (1) - EricKline
EricKline (1) - MARS_James
gellnick (1) - ThatSoftwareGuy


@EricH it’s not a random modkill, a tie for zero votes is a tie in which everyone is equally voted.

If you don’t want to lynch anybody, you must instead /vote NoElimination


Actually on second thought I will just go ahead and
/vote ThatSoftwareGuy
He didn’t give much of a reason for voting for me and he also was inactive until relatively recently. His excuse is college exams and I’ll believe that but I still have suspicions so I may as well just vote him.


@orangeandblack5 Vote count? Wasn’t the day over 22 mins ago?



Doesn’t mean I’m available

Sorry about today, I’ve been on a business trip


Vote Count

ThatSoftwareGuy (2) - EricKline, gellnick
MarkCangile (2) - waxton, Shelby_Lamp
EricKline (1) - MARS_James
gellnick (1) - ThatSoftwareGuy

ThatSoftwareGuy has been lynched, they were a Town Citizen

Send in night actions, might edit in flavor if I have time later


Wait wait wait I don’t think @EricH voted for @ThatSoftwareGuy


I don’t think he did either and it sucks for @ThatSoftwareGuy but it would have still been a tie and now that he has been outed as town we just have to unfortunately say he would have lost the rng against @MarkCangile or since we don’t have a replacement for Mark yet @orangeandblack5 could bring him back in as Mark’s replacement


I was so confused because I literally flipped a digital coin to determine the lynch and y’all were acting like I didn’t

But I realize did that before I actually made the official VC

So I guess I just goofed there lmao

The game is still fine, I just messed up editing the count, sorry


Putting dead players back in doesn’t really work - it means that killing them specifically to remove their voice is ineffective.

As my only mistake here was in typing. I won’t make an exception, as that opens the gate to further exceptions. Sorry for any confusion, I was still half-asleep at 10:00 after pulling two all-nighters on work with only a couple naps for sleep.


But yeah, get those night actions in!




Thanks @ash4fun for posting that, so I can post again.

Dawn breaks!

As the citizens awaken, however, they find that the worst-case scenario has come to pass - Lamarr’s thugs had gotten ahold of the undercover Sheriff, who was nowhere to be found!

MarkCangile was a Town Role Cop

With their assets dwindling, the Town really needs to pull it together if they wish to catch Lamarr’s thugs!

Day has started and will end 2019-02-12T15:00:00Z.