FRC Mafia 3 Game Thread


I see two options right now boys:

Go after those who have been trying to kill him the whole game

We assume the mafia is better than (at least I) have assumed. I’m prepared to vote for the people haven’t suspected the whole game, or even those I have defended…


But yeah I feel pretty screwed right now not gonna lie


We should look at who he has acused to get a vibe incase he found any mafia


same but I’m new so that’s different



You three have been prodded for inactivity. Please ensure you post within the next 24 hours.


Or we can look at who he defended to find any non mafia


ngl the decision to kill mark is kinda bizarre.

a) he wasn’t active at all and posed no threat to the mafia because they couldn’t have know that he was the cop

b) He seemed pretty suspicious in general and he probably would’ve been voted out soon


I doubt any of them are mafia. Mafia would. Likely never be inactive


It’s possible he was descoverd by their cop guy


Do they have a cop? Or something like it?


Nevermind I looked at the rolls


Yeah. I completely forgot about the tracker role lol.


sorry. crazy weekend


Worry not, I relate


sorry for killing the cop… i genuinely thought he was the mafia


You did nothing. The mafia did.


Unless your mafia, witch in that case, screw you


oh i thought he was the person we voted for… guess I just got confused :upside_down_face:


and no i am not the mafia


Don’t worry I have you low on my suspect list.