FRC Mafia 3 Game Thread




So… Who do we suspect? Idk, too many people were voted by @MarkCangile and too many voted him. Idk who would have suspected him of being cop, so I’m assuming he was killed because one of his votes scared someone. Other than that idk


or maybe the mafia tracker looked into him


13 people left…

We are very screwed.

Right now the odds of catching a mafia is 38% if we vote random

Not only do I hate those odds, but if we don’t start making the correct moves, will be done in 4 days or less. (If I did my math correctly)

Honestly screw it

@Disobot roll 1d21


@discobot roll 1d21


:game_die: 16


ill just follow your move


I Also I counted wrong, I think we still have 15. So that makes the situation a little better.

/Vote @jackTHEnerd

I guess…:man_shrugging:


I wouldn’t. I feel pretty lost


well i am too, and i thought we were on an alliance or something

/vote @jackTHEnerd


Voting randomly gives us a 33% chance of grabbing one, witch isn’t horrible in terms of finding one




I’m not sure there are any allainaces in this game unless i was cop and I could guarantee you were town witch odviously I can’t soooo

Honestly I’m leaning towards voting for you or @gellnick because I feel I’ve underestimated mafia


And you guys give off a very distinct non mafia vibe imo


Well, imo no one still alive at this point is giving off much of a Mafia vibe.


It’s not good chances at all. I think as the town we have to decide on a strategy and go all the way through with it. At this point I see the most viable strategy to be vote out the top talking players (I would be like number 4 or something). It’s not much better than random but I think it’s really the only chance we have of winning.

The only other thing I could see us doing is voting out the least talkative people but I personally don’t think that has as high a chance of working.

Whatever we decide to do we have to do together. I’ve tried looking at voting patterns and everything and I can’t find anything.


lol well i can promise youd be dissapointed if you voted for me


Looking at last game, the least talkative players were the Mafia (mostly)


I think the real problem was not having a strategy from the start. We should’ve decided on something like taking out the most or least talkative people.


Checklist for next game:

  • Spreadsheet with vote counts and whatnot
  • Anything else?