FRC Mafia 3 Game Thread


I can tell you, if you try that, the top 5 will be in opposition no matter their standing so unless you can get all others, I doubt you can tune that. Plus, what are the odds that the top talkers are all the mafia. What if one of them are very inactive? You’ve just lost the game. We can’t go baised off of activity


Actually now that I think about it we should probably go after the least talkative people first.


What else do we have except how much people have talked. Nobody seems too suspicious.


I mean that’s not true at all. Voting paterns and motives?


All I know is that the people with the weirdest reasons to vote someone (imo) out that isn’t bandwagoning are gone except @Squirrel2412


/vote @gellnick

He has been nearly voted out twice, both times saved by @EricKline who I also suspect (no hard feelings just name of the game) and I know I am the only one seeing the latter based on previous votes so hopefully other people are seeing the former.

Feel free to suspect me of being Mafia but I have tried to vote for other people twice and both times have been out voted and a town member has been killed


I looked at voting patterns. There doesn’t seem to be any distinctive ones. The only voting pattern I can think of is a pattern of a person not voting.


/vote @gellnick

Sorry bro, I hate to do this, but I think it’s possible your just really good


I mean they probably wouldn’t be Mafia if they weren’t voting since the Mafia have a significant interest in voting…


Fair enough. That’s better reasoning than anybody else so far. I’ll give gellnick a bit of time to defend himself but if he doesn’t clear himself up or propose somebody who is more suspicious I’ll keep my vote on him.

/vote @gellnick


I understand but idk why I’m so suspected all of a sudden. Are you and @MARS_James Mafia? Sorry, dumb question. I know you’ll both say no :thinking:


They could be doing a bit of reverse psychology. One of the biggest giveaways is voting patterns so as an overreaction to that they might decide to not vote at all.


Makes sense… Idk who would be Mafia tho. I’ll think on it and see if I can find anyone who is being suspicious…


You have had the second most votes two votes in a row, you would have been lynched both times if @EricKline would have voted for you over the person who was eliminated.

I would not define that as all of a sudden but more so a history of suspicion.


I know I was nearly voted out once but #2? Maybe I’m blind but I don’t know that I’m seeing it


Lemme think on this overnight :thinking:


End of Day 2 votes

And I misread the day 3 votes however you still would have tied for first both times had @EricKline voted against you as opposed to with (Last night was such a low vote with only 6 votes cast that I misread)


well besides myself youre the last person i’d expect, so it might just work…

/vote @EricKline

@gellnick you should do the same


So much for that allainace lol


I’m not saying that this is what’s happening but watch as all of us turn on each other and we all turn out to be citizens and the silent people were the mafia again.