FRC Mafia 3 Game Thread


That’s what I fear


yeah thats true…
now i have no idea what to do

/unvote @EricKline


Here’s an idea: who is the least talked about player in the game?


At this point I would say we have 2 turns left until we lose. At this point I think the best course of action would be to go for gellnick first. If it turns out he is mafia we go after Eric and we’re in the lead again. If he’s not mafia we go after the not so talkative people. I think this has the highest chance of us winning right now.


How do you figure 2 days…

I think Intead of a strategy we need to use ligic in our picks. Maybe were too gung-hoe about everything.




15 people left. if we kill 2 town people and they kill 2 town people we’re down to 11 with 5 mafia. At that point it is highly unlikely that the town even has a chance to win.


Oh I get it…


What do you think about my second part


/vote @gellnick

There is a method to the madness.

Remember that if we decide to stick together we can limit the damage. There is the NonElimination vote as well. I still might change mine to that, but right now I’m thinking gellnick is a good target.


Vote Count

gellnick (4) - MARS_James, EricKline, Shelby_Lamp, EricH


OK, I’ve left this thread kind of hanging, haven’t posted and haven’t been paying attention. School things, clubs and such.

With my extensive mafia playing irl the mafia likes to throw accusations or stay quiet. I’m not positive about forum mafia, but if my years as the headmaster of the game hold true, the mafia are still going to follow these roles.

From what I’ve been paying attention to I don’t think that EricKline is mafia. He’s been here and working with the townspeople to really try and figure out who the mafia is. He isn’t throwing accusations and he isn’t staying quiet.

Now Waxton, he is more on the opposite side of the spectrum. They still holds many qualities of a normal townsperson. They do seem to be a little more willy nilly with their votes, and to me seem slightly suspicious. They aren’t on my immediate radar though.

Gellnick seems to also be spearheading the investigation with EricKline, they are working to figure it out, but they are talking a lot about what the mafia thinks, how it thinks. Which seems to be a little bit fishy, but still ok. They don’t seem to be throwing out accusations, or staying silent. But talking about the innerworkings of the mafia has him on my radar.


Wonderful analysis :clap:

And yes I am a little reckless with my votes, but I guess that’s just kinda who is am as a person. :upside_down_face:


When I get to my computer I’ll give a better explanation but for right now I’m just gonna say that I had no reason to kill anyone who the Mafia killed except @ThatSoftwareGuy. My suspicion is that @ThatSoftwareGuy was killed to make me look suspicious instead of any other reason. Honestly imo @ash4fun was actually helping me, and @ctt956 imo was just a bystander who the Mafia randomly targeted. If the Mafia meant to confuse us they succeeded.


I understand, but this is the first forum Mafia game I’ve ever played and I’ve played only a few other games of face to face Mafia so I’m just saying what I think won’t kill me but will kill the Mafia


Okay so who hasn’t voted yet

Cuz that’s pretty sus imo. The mafia pinning us on ourselves


to the spreadsheet we go!


Oh damn we still keeping that up to date?


i think so


what day is today?