FRC Mafia 3 Sign-Ups


That’s in the OP, underneath “Role Cards”.






We’re already halfway full, dang








@ForAllPurposes here you are






Been talking over the setup with a few people that know way more about setups than me, and we’ve decided to change some of the power roles around. Please check the OP for updates, I’ll be changing it in a second.


@EricKline yes that means eevee btw


Hahaha not surprised,


Edited in the new setup, which is really just a variation on the old one.

Note that the Investigate ability is different between the Town and Mafia versions of the JOAT, but otherwise all roles with the same name are the exact same between alignments.






This is filling up pretty quickly.

Anybody got any questions or ideas for a theme?


My personal favorite for theme is old Western


Cowboys and guns and stuff like that :cowboy_hat_face::cow2:


Remember what happened in the first game we have to be careful with termonology, we would have to use “run out of town” as opposed to anything with guns or lynching.

Which I personally am ok with. The limitations will make the role playing aspect mire interesting. Like playing a D&d game with little kids you have to think before acting