FRC Mafia 3 Sign-Ups


Forum Mafia is super fun too once you get into it :slight_smile:


im excited to play :smiley:


I’m excited to have you :slight_smile:


Yeah our other game was quite intense and then you betrayed me @orangeandblack5


Sorry not sorry :man_shrugging:


sounds pretty awesome


lol i hope i dont get kicked out of this one too :upside_down_face:


I mean, technically you weren’t kicked out

But yeah, I’m running this one with 21 players instead of 13 so there’s plenty of slots


I just realized I mispelled my forum username. Oof


Been there before tbh

Was really fun being “orangeanblack5” on my 3DS

Message one of the moderators, they should be able to help you I think


I swear if I die 2nd round again for talking I’mma be mad


/vote @EricKline


I feel comfortable pointing this out because I haven’t randed the game yet so I don’t know who is going to be what

But in general the people that talked a lot were Town

IronicDeadBird was kind of an exception and neither of the other two were silent, but activity and alignment often don’t correlate


I hate you




Having been playing for a year, talking is super townie. As is RVS, at the beginning where you vote randomnly.


Sorry, no, not super townie, but not talking is fairly scummy.


Okay you’re gonna blow everyone here out of the water in terms of FM time played if you know what RVS is :laughing:

This is good.

Where you from friend? (as in fm)


set a deadline for the last slot and I’ll



I play on the xkcd forums.

Come over some time.