FRC Mafia 3 Sign-Ups


Might you know heuristically_alone?


Don’t incriminate yourself next time.


Damn okay what did I do to “incriminate myself”


I specifically killed lodot cause he said one thing and it was towards you, and then you told people to check for motive.


If anything, that proves I’m not mafia because you’d have to be stupid to say something like that as mafia


Ah yes



All I’m saying is that there was no way for me to relize at the time that I was probiding any evidence against myself, and as far as I’m aware no one took it against me so I don’t see how I “incriminated myself”


His point is that he was planning to (don’t remember if he actually did) use it against you

I distinctly remember him talking about it in scum chat :stuck_out_tongue:


I think it was meant more lightly than you interpreted it

Tone is often lost over the internet :+1:


Yes actually @orangeandblack5

My first game was his Alien Warfare mafia. I’m Mark_Cangila on there.


Ah, I know of him through the MafiaUniverse Championships last year.

He was xkcd’s representative, I was Throne of Lies’s representative.


Ah nice. I’m not amazing at mafia lol. I really am awful at reads list and posting regularly.


I cannot count, confirmed!

Game is now full, I’ll be randing cards shortly.


The game has been randed. Cards will be sent out soon.

Once you have recieved your card, please do not post here again.

I will open a new thread for the game to be played once everyone has received their cards. I will link this thread here as soon as it is open.

Please follow the instructions in your card to confirm you have received it.

I currently expect the game to be ready to start at roughly 2019-02-05T02:00:00Z.


I am finding this forum’s restrictions to be a tad annoying :laughing:

orange here - I hit the PM limit while sending out cards, so in order to send the last few I’m going to need to send them from this account. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Oh boy :thinking:


Why was the alt autoflagged


I can’t even flag things aaaaaaaaaaa


OMG I just realized you called it “thealtinourstars” that kills me :rofl::rofl::rofl:


@EricKline can you please flag this post, select “Something Else” as the reason for the flag, and tell whichever moderator is reading it to shoot me a PM so they can help me here?