FRC Mafia 3 Sign-Ups


Sure thing boss :+1:




If this doesn’t work we’re gonna have a rough start

Just don’t post here, I’ll try and figure it out


Let me see if the alt is still autoflagged.


Okay it’s not, but why the heck was the first post?

What did it do wrong :cry:


If you’ve got everything ready I can start it and you can take over but you would want to pull me off of backups


got a mod


Alright so

Good news and bad news

Good news is, I sent the rest of the cards on the alt account

Bad news is, new users have an arbitrarily lower cap on the number of PMs and now I can’t make the Mafia Chat

@IronicDeadBird if you could be a pal and send me a PM entitled “FRCM3 - Mafia Chat”, that would be amazing

Thanks very much to @Greg_Needel for his time :slight_smile:





FRC Mafia 3 Game Thread

@IronicDeadBird can you also perhaps send me another PM

the topic can be whatever but uh

I need another favor


I feel like I’m being left out of a secret club😭


Here’s the game thread:


@jackTHEnerd thanks for being a backup btw :slight_smile:


If anybody else wants in you can also join as a backup :+1:


Never hurts to have your name on the list




As a backup?

You got it :+1:




@ForAllPurposes’s slot is available to be replaced.

@jackTHEnerd if you respond to me before he does and before night ends at 2019-02-09T03:00:00Z, you may take the slot.

@JL_2605 if neither of them have responded by the end of the night but you have, you’ll be slotted in.

@jared-bernon same deal if none of the three above reply