FRC Mafia 3 Sign-Ups


@jodocsingh’s slot is also eligible for replacement.

Any of the three above can take it with the same priority order.


I will join, what do I do


Nothing much - I’ll slot you in for @jodocsingh as he has been less active than @ForAllPurposes, although I was not aware of it at the time.


So two questions what am I, and do I just start putting my input on the mafia thread?


I will tell you all of that shortly

It is currently Night until 2019-02-09T03:00:00Z, so don’t post in the thread now. But you can after day starts.


K Thanks!


We still need one more replacement.


@JL_2605 @jared-bernon


I can replace someone :rofl:


I bet discobot would be willing


Can someone play 2 people at one time? :confused:


if so I voulenteer




@orangeandblack5 I’m in👌


@JL_2605 is replacing @ForAllPurposes


@jared-bernon or anybody else can substitute in for @MarkCangile’s slot

Let me know if you’re interested here ASAP please, thanks!


I’ll do it :slight_smile:


Yeah no you’re already a player




I still need one replacement

@JL_2605 are you in or out because you said nothing all day