FRC Mafia 4 - Popcorn Mafia [Sign-Ups]



Gotta focus on Solar Car design review and midterms, sorry :man_shrugging:


That’s fine, just wanted clarification since yesterday was also Wednesday and I was quite confuzzled


/join if there’s still space :slight_smile:

Congrats @orangeandblack5 and good luck on your journey to the World Champs!!!


@orangeandblack5 Don’t worry about when it starts, we know what being under a time limit with nothing done yet is like :slight_smile:


I need more likes.

A LOT more likes. :+1::+1::+1::+1:




Bumping because we can still take more players/backups

Don’t have a current count but the more the merrier

Game begins Wednesday evening or Thursday morning probably





I’ll roll Wednesday evening

The Mafia will have like 12 hours to pick the first gun-bearer

Then the game begins for real Thursday morning




@orangeandblack5, you’re sounding somewhat suspicious. Are you sure you’re not the Mafia? You seem to be manipulating the game…
/vote @orangeandblack5


Eh, why not?



@orangeandblack5 Is signups closed yet? When do we get to see the role list?


I’m starting to work on stuff right now :slight_smile:


Exam went well btw

Which is good considering I spent way too much time studying for it


Wow, you were studying instead of planning for your solar car?!?!?!!?!

Btw, is this the car your bringing to WSC2019 or is this one for ASC2020?


Good luck, have fun :slight_smile:


Both - we focus on WSC above all else, and get a few people to modify the car for ASC the summer after.


What’s ASC and WSC? (Sorry, but I’m just a high school student who knows nothing about this type of thing)


American Solar Challenge and World Solar Challenge