FRC Mafia 4 - Popcorn Mafia [Sign-Ups]


Player Assignments:

Game 1:

  1. quarky
  2. Shelby_Lamp
  3. mikexcao
  4. gellnick
  5. Ian4467
  6. IronicDeadBird
  7. LordPeaches
  8. EricH
  9. Squirrel2412
  10. GoalkeeperBoss

Game 2:

  1. EricKline
  2. ash4fun
  3. MARS_James
  4. Jo_nathan2337
  5. robert3827
  6. Scout6088
  7. ctt956
  8. waxton
  9. pratBruns
  10. BenjaminRowe

Game 3:

  1. brandn03
  2. Tesla_XK
  3. jackTHEnerd
  4. Hailey.faiella
  5. Treecko120
  6. clonedcheese
  7. Bepwei
  8. Pooja_Anil
  9. darth_tabor
  10. C_MacC


  1. TanDaMan02

Role List

  • Town Citizen
  • Town Citizen
  • Town Citizen
  • Town Citizen
  • Town Citizen
  • Town Citizen
  • Town Citizen
  • Mafia Goon
  • Mafia Goon
  • Mafia Goon

I will open game threads shortly.

The Mafia will be rolled separately for each game, and will be added to a Mafia chat for their game. They will have until 2019-02-28T15:00:00Z to select the first gun-bearer, or it will be randomly chosen. If you are not added to a Mafia chat, you are a member of the Town.

Once I tell you to do so in your game thread, you may confirm that you are ready to play and begin talking. Please confirm within 24 hours of me instructing you to do so (and please do not post before then).

Let’s have some fun here.


Yay can’t wait!


I wasn’t expecting to get 31 sign-ups lmao


Hey, it’s consistent with the increase from the past games. Game 1 was 11 people, Game 2 was 21 people, Game 3 got 31 signups. (I’m scared for game 100, 1001 people in a game would be scary)


Soon ChiefDelphi will devolve into purely games of Mafia. We will be known as the Mafia forum. Robotics will be an afterthought.

Eventually, Mafia will start being played at competitions. Teams will forget they are in que, instead being in the pits, playing mafia with the members and mentors of other teams.

At some point in the not too distant future, FRC turns into FMC, an annual series of events where groups of highschool students and mentors meet in gyms and venues across the country every weekend and play mafia with each other.


If it gets that bad, they’ll do like they did for Fantasy FIRST and apply a sub-subforum for Mafia games.

Given that FF tends to jam the homepage every night during December…that’s a good thing.


I would be extremely pleased if FM was given its own category seperate from #other:games-trivia


On Old CD, it would have been within #other:games-trivia. Let’s see if this takes off…


Yo it’s been a really long night of work and I’m just going to sleep now (4 AM)

I’m not setting an alarm so if I’m not up by 2019-02-28T15:00:00Z the Mafias will have a bit longer to choose a gunbearer and everyone will have a bit longer to confirm before I start hounding you

Sorry but I like sleep and have been running really really low on it (thanks midterms and Solar Car :stuck_out_tongue:)


Don’t forget January :slight_smile:


I wish I got more than 5 hours :sweat:

curse this “sun” thing


@TanDaMan02 I have an open slot, if you’re ready to play :slight_smile:


Sure, I can start tomorrow morning



Because you have a gun


ominous music intensifies


@IronicDeadBird we need a sub, you in?


We are still in need of one replacement.





(as a back up)