FRC Mafia Chit Chat

This is a place to chat about previous and future mafia games on CD (just not current games)

You are also not allowed to talk about the current game in this chat if you are currently in a mafia game, or it could lead to you being /modkilled in your game.

also off topic discussion like the bee movie can belong here lol (@typeusernamehere i am looking at u) lol

Can we please be stricter on the “if you aren’t there” rules. It really ruins a game when half of town is just innactive and mafia can sweep.



I think if you do not speak at least 5 times in a 24 hr period (real time not in-game time) then you should be replaced

No posting on this thread if you are in a game.
Add this to the OP ^^^

uhhh I disagree… I think anyone but people currently in a game can post here, as we do not want people talking outside a game about the game

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I’m not awake yet, fixed it


i also said this in the OP

I will make it clearer tho

I agree @Shelby_Lamp, I was guilty of almost abandoning the entire thread and so was the rest of birdalliance minus Squirrel. Maybe if hosts could have an idea of a start date so people can roughly plan?

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I think we are planning on Sunday next week because @ash4fun and I are at state right now

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Next week? April 14? Or April 21?

yes, do u mean this sunday?

Yes this Sunday most likely, we do not have the list of who and who is not the mafia yet as far as I know so it may have to he Monday but i can not 100%confirm anything yet until @ash4fun gets back

Ok never mind I do have the list so when I get some time I will send out the role cards to everyone and we can start but that will not be before this Sunday


Nyet. Non. Nein. The Bee Movie goes in the real game.

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What you feel like when you mod a game:


Oh and look at this: