FRC Mafia Discord


I have created an FRC Mafia Discord, due to the excessive post volume on some of the recent threads not meant for that purpose. This is my first time ever creating an actual Discord group, so I’m very open to suggestions to improve it (feel free to post them in the Discord’s #suggestions channel). If it dies, it dies, but I don’t think letting members post so much they must be silenced is something we should stand for as a community. Mafia as a game is much more than pointless spam, and so I think we’d be better off to keep that off of Chief Delphi.

You may join here:

FRC M8 signups!
FRC Mafia Chit Chat
FRC Mafia Hub
FRC M8 game thread

Thank you for this




Might want to pick off the EricH account–EricFalcon is my usual Discord unless the SLFF crowd messes with it.


The Discord is now completely set up with moderators and will hopefully take some of the noise off chief delphi (if people actually heckin use it)

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Yeah accidentally spent lunch break on that


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