FRC Mafia Game 7

@EricH @clonedcheese unvote typeusenrame!

day is over, no talking

Day has ended! Please stop posting!

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N2 Doc and N2 watcher on @DRandhawa!

This is in order to protect him from attack - Strongman modifier would go through doc but be seen by watcher, while ninja would avoid detection by watcher but wouldn’t go through doc

Ya know what? Stories are hard.

So instead I’ll just tell you the results.

@typeusernamehere was a member of the town!

Night has begun and will end 2019-04-18T15:00:00Z

So get y’all’s night actions in!


Just a single post… that’s all.
The mayor of the town of Gellville is…


Congratulations, now you got to make an acceptance speech. Btw I told you so town.

Uh, no night posting and ur dead.

But really I’m just confused…

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Day has Begun!

I’m still too lazy to come up with good cmp flavor, so here’s the results:

@clonedcheese has died! They were a member of the town!

@JKBear331 has died! They were a member of the town!

Day has started and will end 2019-04-20T03:00:00Z

Well that’s an Interesting decision on the mafias part

$20 says mafia will try and vote me out today

But on the other hand, now that I said that they probably won’t lol.

/vote @Squirrel2412

/vote @Squirrel2412

Ugh. So close to saving it last night. One of us is going to die today for sure @EricKline. I doctored you last night successfully.

Hey, Kline. What you got on the squirrel?

I agree… I thought he defended himself?

Yeah I really don’t see anything but as I said before i could have missed something.

this was his defense for not telling the mafia to kill him as he usually does… if i am correct this is why @erickline was sus of him?

Here is what went down between @EricKline and @Squirrel2412 after @Squirrel2412’s defense

This is the only part that i am sus about for @Squirrel2412… everything else about his defense makes sense to me… however, at the same time, the votes today and yesterday for @Squirrel2412 seemed to be backed up by not much evidence at all…

personally, i would like to hear thoughts and evidence from both @Squirrel2412 and @EricKline :man_shrugging:

We’re at competition…

For the brief few minutes that I have to respond, I would want to say that decision not to call for the mafia to kill me was a calculated move, and the votes against me don’t seem to have much substance.

also maybe some thoughts from @DRandhawa as well as this vote does not have any evidence or reasoning really, while @erickline at least defended his vote in previous days…