FRC Mafia Game 7



Y’all’s mind voting just as a pules check?


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this is the reason I voted for @EricKline, but it is not much to go on, so i am still skeptical…

sorry too i was typing and didn’t realize time

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As day 3 draws to a close, the town is dismayed to find they have made no progress toward rooting out the mafia…

@EricKline was a member of the Town!

Night has started and will end 2019-04-20T15:00:00Z

So get y’all’s night actions in!


yeah sorry… I’ve been at champs all week… I’m literally dead… @ash4fun

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No night posting…

But I’m glad you’re not figuratively dead! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Now that would be bad…


After hours of hard work, the team finally gets the robot inspected and on the field for their first qualification match. The drive team waits in anticipation for the sandstorm to end so they can start playing…

But what’s this? The driver moves the joystick, but the robot does not budge. It’s been disabled! As the disappointed drive team leaves the field, they hear a cry from the technician saying that @Hailey.faiella touched the controls! Eager to finally end the team’s continuing setbacks, the drive team bans @Hailey.faiella from returning to the field without speaking to the head ref or FTA, leaving her to scout for the rest of the competition.

@Hailey.faiella was a member of the town!

Day has started and will end at 2019-04-22T03:00:00Z

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The game is at MyLo!

If you mislynch tonight, the town will lose! (barring night actions preventing the nightkill)

everyone at Houston great job!

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now, what should we do about this mafia situation… :grimacing: we are running out of time to out the mafia

I saw one interaction a couple nights back. Kline visited Drandhawa, who claimed in the following day that he’d healed Kline (and had previously claimed a JOAT, with evidence).

Kline was Town. That says the Drandhawa is also likely town.


I’m Town, and my PR is done.

Kline suspected the squirrel–Drandhawa followed suit. However, neither gave reasoning. I’m guessing that one or both knew something.

TSIMFD and snowmaninblack have both been very quiet–par for the course for them both. However, also a Mafia tactic. Scout and Benjamin, same thing.

But the really suspicious part is: Squirrel’s been quiet lately, even being at competition he’s been really quiet.

Anybody want to take a gamble on that?

Don’t vote me immediately for this but should we consider doing a role call?

Actually nvm we don’t know who was what previously.

Eh, I left clues. Betcha you can look at my posts and tell me what I am, what my PR is, and when I could use it.

Also par for the course for me–I often leave hints as to what I am.

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We’ve only lynched town, and town is who’s been talking the most. That’s somewhat unfortunate, but I think it’s time to call for heightened suspicion against quiet members. I voted for Squirrel based on the evidence against him the night before, and at this point I think it’s obvious I’m playing the high-risk high-reward playstyle for the town’s success, and Squirrel seemed to be the most sketchy. I’m plenty willing to be convinced not to vote for him again tonight, but yesterday, he seemed to be the most viable vote.

Side note to all in the game: I am very likely to be going out due to scheduling issues and not wanting to delay the game more by becoming yet another almost entirely AFK member. If that is finalized, thanks to all who are playing, this has been great fun!



i’m back guys

on the bus back from worlds


I should mention that I was on Bacon for three years


ayyyyyyyyyy nice. Bacon 100% deserved it. Amazing team with a bunch of amazing people.


we sat next to bacon for the entirety of the competition and I could just tell they were a really nice team, both personally and technically



[curses Discourse for not allowing just the “oink oink” part]