FRC Mafia Game 7

if u get my joke

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who r u suspicious of?

probably me


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Frostbyte. They seem quiet but just quiet enough, ya know?

Ok, let me try to analyze @typeusernamehere. Get ready for a REALLY long post.

Due to @typeusernamehere having 150+ posts, I’m skipping everything that’s irrelevant.

Nothing special, just a confirm.

Reference to FRC M5. Replying to EricKline, who had been the Mafia JOAT in M5. (I also messed that up, but that’s beside the point) Not too much else here, but I think that @typeusernamehere may have been trying to distract.

Either the truth, or a lie. Mostly a joke, as far as I can tell.

Flash is posting less than normal? Sure, @TheFlash was posting less than 100 posts/hour, which is somewhat abnormal.

See above point.

Vote count, earning modbias (I think e)

Who was it who edited? IDK, not too much relevance here, but related to the game.

Asking for anything against them, here it starts to get interesting.

Doesn’t stop the 50+ irrelevant posts.

Unless you’re Mafia. There’s not much else to say, here.

OK. Here we go. At this point, it was a tie between @typeusernamehere and someone else, but @EricKline was voting for @typeusernamehere. The Pro NoElim bit is somewhat suspicious, I’m against NoElim and there aren’t any leads.

This is suspicious. Why would you reveal this so early? I’ll wait for tomorrow, but if nothing, I’d be really suspicious.

Yep. @EricKline.

See above.

Yeah, and if Mafia kills you tonight? That’s not necessarily a good thing, to reveal the night before it expires.

I understand that, and I agree. I’d like to wait for your report (I’ll check, I promise) tomorrow, but unless the Mafia kill you, you’re really suspicious unless something actually happens. I understand the not eliminated part.

Just NO. Don’t vote NoElim, analyze like I’m doing.

More suspicious. What did you mean by this? Also, why would you retract? It means nothing.

Lemme check this reference. Ah yes. Responding to a sarcastic comment by @EricKline.

Yes it would suck, because it means I did all this analysis for nothing. I’ve been working on it for almost 30 min now, and I’m not halfway done.

Wanting backups. This actually makes me think @typeusername is more town, because Mafia don’t want activity unless it’s @TheFlash style.

See above.

Right here, buckaroo.

Replying to a complaint by @clonedcheese about the amount of emails.

Check the OP. Sometimes, Mafia try to act less suspicious by feigning ignorance (I know I did at at least one point in FRC M3).

I’m not sure. Might be a comeback, might be an honest Townie.

IDK about that.

Yes. This was later explained by a trig test.

Ah ha! Now you agree you’re suspicious.

Yeah, one that makes you sound more Mafia.

Replying to @RuthJP’s accusations about a suspicious vote.

I don’t know.

@TheFrostByte. True, but not by much. I don’t think this means much.

Yep, you were a mod. Of course you had access to Mafia chat. But… This might mean something about @TheFrostByte.

See above.

Dealing with inactivity.

See above

More on suspicions on @TheFrostByte

See above.

See above.

Smooth. Either way, this is more along the lines of “Now, let’s chat for a bit”.

Talking about @snowmaninblack.

Complaining that I haven’t analyzed them yet. Be patient. I think this is like 100 posts of your stuff.

Yep, see FRC M5 here Talking about @EricKline being Mafia.

Ok, very suspicious. I’d like a full and complete essay analyzing what you mean. Minimum 500 paragraphs and 3 million characters. You have 1 hour to do this. (English class reference) Aside from that, I’m not sure if @typeusernamehere is trying to be funny or gloss over the comment on @EricKline being Mafia JOAT. Possibly both are Mafia.

Yes, doing that right now.

TL;DR: @typeusernamehere is somewhat suspicious, mainly due to various suspicious comments.


understandable… they are on my suspect list (quite lol tho because they came back with a reason)


(thanks for that tl;dr btw lololol)

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holy that is a long post

That post is longer than my life expectancy



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oooooh i wish i could like this


*quite low


nooooooo i’m out of likes for the next 11 hours


oof thats a long one

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im at 5 hrs rn

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@gellnick who ya analyzing now lol

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I’ve been more vocal recently thoughhhhh. Plus I’ve been working on my First flag!

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:frowning: @TSIMFD is flexing by liking every post

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