FRC Mafia Game 7

Wait what?

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

Wasn’t asking you

Oh yeah. Just saw the OP.

/VOTE @darth_tabor

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:open_mouth: OMG

/voate @gellnick

(/voate is a fake vote kinda like /modkiil)

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And in my defence, I’m not Mafia. I play the same either way. And for all you know, this is just gonna be a repeat of FRC M3 except @EricH is Mafia and I’m Town.

Admit it. It’s a typo

what’s a typo

actually let’s make /vot a fake vote (it looks more like a typo lol)

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Typo: When you’re on your phone and missspell something and autocorrect either thinks it’s something even wierder (I’ve seen walrus jury) or you hit the wrong button

like noone has responded in the first two hours of the day lol

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Except this ping pong between us.

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:man_facepalming: I know what a typo is I meant what did you think that I wrote was a typo lol

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did u say you wanted a pong???

did you say yeah you wanted a pong???

Okay I have an idea

lol jk

let’s hear it

Everyone is a power role right?

So we require everyone to admit their role. Anyone that is a duplicate, we know one of the two is mafia.