FRC Mafia Game 7

uh oh

what’s the vote count?

I’m going to /unvote @typeusernamehere; I am not confident in that decision.

Oh wait nvm

Vote Count:

  • typeusernamehere (5) - clonedcheese, EricKline, EricH, Shelby_Lamp
  • Squirrel2412 (2) - typeusernamehere, JKBear

make you choices soon, you only have 5 minutes left

nvm what?

I have to leave rn so I’m going to

/unvote @typeusernamehere

You guys are gonna have to decide.

They’re not conflicting - @typeusernamehere could have been roleblocked/jailed and received the unsuccessful message and therefore not seen @DRandhawa, while @DRandhawa would have not seen @typeusernamehere because @typeusernamehere’s action was prevented.

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What night is it?


Sorry I would stay for 5 more minutes but my parents are getting kinda angry.

day 2 is ending

Thank you!

Vote Count:

  • typeusernamehere (3) - clonedcheese, EricKline, EricH
  • Squirrel2412 (2) - typeusernamehere, JKBear

ok… i don’t know if i have enough time to analyze this in 4 minutes, so i guess i’m going to have to refrain from voting… unless somone can fully explain it to me in 4 mins lol

n2 is tonight

Before night ends, I am going to request the N2 watcher to watch @DRandhawa

Don’t vote, we need to unvote typeusername because there’s a big chance he’s town

why is that?