FRC Mafia Game 7

Is it wise of me to disclose what my role action will be to prove my legitimacy for a watcher?

And also the N2 doc


@gellnick says wow. thats all


oh no i don’t know what i should do

I will either doctor or jailkeep someone, I’m gonna go ahead and say that. I’ll prefer doctor so I don’t jailkeep the watcher or doc

1 minute, make your last choices

60 seconds…

vote count?

@ErikKline unvote typeusername!!!

Vote Count:

  • typeusernamehere (3) - clonedcheese, EricKline, EricH
  • Squirrel2412 (2) - typeusernamehere, JKBear

then it woud be a discobot role

@EricH @clonedcheese unvote typeusenrame!

day is over, no talking

Day has ended! Please stop posting!

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N2 Doc and N2 watcher on @DRandhawa!

This is in order to protect him from attack - Strongman modifier would go through doc but be seen by watcher, while ninja would avoid detection by watcher but wouldn’t go through doc

Ya know what? Stories are hard.

So instead I’ll just tell you the results.

@typeusernamehere was a member of the town!

Night has begun and will end 2019-04-18T15:00:00Z

So get y’all’s night actions in!


Just a single post… that’s all.
The mayor of the town of Gellville is…


Congratulations, now you got to make an acceptance speech. Btw I told you so town.

Uh, no night posting and ur dead.

But really I’m just confused…

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Day has Begun!

I’m still too lazy to come up with good cmp flavor, so here’s the results:

@clonedcheese has died! They were a member of the town!

@JKBear331 has died! They were a member of the town!

Day has started and will end 2019-04-20T03:00:00Z

Well that’s an Interesting decision on the mafias part