FRC Mafia Game 7

$20 says mafia will try and vote me out today

But on the other hand, now that I said that they probably won’t lol.

/vote @Squirrel2412

/vote @Squirrel2412

Ugh. So close to saving it last night. One of us is going to die today for sure @EricKline. I doctored you last night successfully.

Hey, Kline. What you got on the squirrel?

I agree… I thought he defended himself?

Yeah I really don’t see anything but as I said before i could have missed something.

this was his defense for not telling the mafia to kill him as he usually does… if i am correct this is why @erickline was sus of him?

Here is what went down between @EricKline and @Squirrel2412 after @Squirrel2412’s defense

This is the only part that i am sus about for @Squirrel2412… everything else about his defense makes sense to me… however, at the same time, the votes today and yesterday for @Squirrel2412 seemed to be backed up by not much evidence at all…

personally, i would like to hear thoughts and evidence from both @Squirrel2412 and @EricKline :man_shrugging:

We’re at competition…

For the brief few minutes that I have to respond, I would want to say that decision not to call for the mafia to kill me was a calculated move, and the votes against me don’t seem to have much substance.

also maybe some thoughts from @DRandhawa as well as this vote does not have any evidence or reasoning really, while @erickline at least defended his vote in previous days…

oh i forgot that you were at competition, sorry… but i do agree with you that their does seem to be low evidence in the votes for you

Hello. I am back from the dead to tell you that the terror of the mods, @gellnick, sent me the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog, which killed me. Protect @Thequackmaster, the duck, from this bunny! Lock it in the crate! @typeusernamehere hid the one thing that can defeat the bunny, also known as @Cattypaws, somewhere. The mods may give Modbias if you find it!

You are dead @JKBear331! This is not the chat for you!

Also gonna do a vote count bc this game is kinda dead rn

Vote Count

  • Squirrel2412 (2) - DRandhawa, EricKline


  • JKBear331 - 15.06 for no particular reason

/vote @DRandhawa, as he never expressed any suspicion of me (or even mentioned me) before his vote, which I think is a bit odd. From what I could see in reading through his posts, our only interactions were discussing @typeusernamehere and edits.

This game is deader than my grandmas dog! Seriously people!

Yeah I’m taking a new approach. I’m done acting as though mafia isn’t in our chat. Towns problem is that we act as though we’re on a team, we’re not.

Yeah, our goal is the same. But there isn’t much cooperation.

I wont be explaining my vote, or my actions unless it adhears to my own plans to kill the maifa.

This chat is kinda dead. Also I bet someone I would do this.

So, how about the weather, eh?