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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mafia?
Mafia, also known as Werewolf, is a party game created by Dmitry Davidoff, professor of Psychology at the Moscow State University, in 1986. The game sees an uninformed majority and an informed minority face off in a game of lies, strategy, and social deduction.

What is Forum Mafia?
Forum Mafia is a forum-based version of the party game, meant for play over the internet. Taking all of the best aspects of Mafia and combining them with the ease-of-use and global nature of internet forums has made Forum Mafia a unique social experience in which no two games are the same.

Why should I play Forum Mafia?
The heavy social and psychological elements of trying to lie without being caught or find the liars in your midst have drawn in millions of players over the years. There truly is nothing like it. Every game is a fun and unique experience - you will socialize in new ways as you learn to capitalize on the mistakes of others and learn from your own, seeking the thrill of victory and fearing the agony of defeat.

What are the different factions and win conditions?
Most games of Forum Mafia focus on a conflict between a Town faction and a Mafia faction. In general, the Town faction is significantly larger than the Mafia; however, only the Mafia know who their allies are. The Town must work to find their allies and eliminate the Mafia players, while the Mafia players must work together to stay hidden from the Town and gain majority control. Some games may also have third-party Neutral roles with their own win-conditions.

How does a game of Forum Mafia work?
Games of Forum Mafia are run by one or most Hosts, who assign each player a secret role, set rules and time limits for their game, and process actions made by players. Most games are split into several cycles, each with a day period (during which players may talk) and a night period (during which certain roles may perform actions on other players). The Mafia also usually have a separate chat they may use to plan their moves at any time.

How To Join A Game

If it is your first time playing Forum Mafia, welcome!

To join your first game, all you need to do is keep your eye on the #other:games-trivia category, and keep an eye out for a new FRC Mafia sign-up thread.

Most games will have a set number of players beforehand. If the game has not yet reached that capacity, all you need to do is reply to the thread with /join to get started!

If a game is full or has already started, you may instead respond to the sign-up thread with /backup to let the host know you’re ready to fill in for another player if they have to drop out or are kicked for being inactive.

Make sure to read the rules of each game you sign up for - procedures may vary from game to game, so be sure to read the entire sign-up post to be sure you understand the game’s time length, mechanics, and any other special rules the host(s) may have implemented.

Important Information

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Game Archive

Game Link Players Game Type Host(s) Status
FRC Mafia 17 Closed alephzer0 Canned
FRC Mafia 2 13 Cop 13 orangeandblack5 Mafia Win
FRC Mafia 3 21 Open orangeandblack5 Mafia Win
FRC Mafia 4 - Game 1 10 Popcorn orangeandblack5 Town Win
FRC Mafia 4 - Game 1 v2 9 Popcorn orangeandblack5 Town Win
FRC Mafia 4 - Game 2 10 Popcorn orangeandblack5 Mafia Win
FRC Mafia 4 - Game 3 10 Popcorn orangeandblack5 Mafia Win
FRC Mafia 5 19 Semi-Open gellnick, Ian4467, GoalkeeperBoss Mafia Win
FRC Mafia 6 19 Open gellnick, EricKline Mafia Win
Short Game 1 19 Turbo typeusernamehere Mafia Win
FRC Mafia 7 17 Mad17 ash4fun, Thequackmaster, darth_tabor Mafia Win
Short Game 2 19 Turbo typeusernamehere Town Win
FRC Mafia 8 17 Mad17 JKBear331, Thequackmaster, darth_tabor Draw
FRC Mafia 0.1 Experimental 5 Open GoalkeeperBoss Town Win
FRC Mafia 9 17 Open Typeusernamehere, Cattypaws, JKBear331, goalkeeperboss Mafia Win
June Gloom 10 Popcorn EricH Mafia Win
FRC Mafia Invitational 15 Open EricKline Mafia Win
Mini Pre-M10 5 Open EricKline, gellnick Town Win
FRC Mafia 10 20 Multiball gellnick, TheFlash Town Win
FRC August Amp Up 1 4 Private JKBear331, Kaitlynmm569 Town Win
FRC M11 17 Open typeusernamehere, Kaitlynmm569 Town Win
FRC M12 16 Open JKBear331 Mika1820 Quin Town Win
FRC M13 20 Mash EricKline Town Win
FRC M 14 Brand03, Darth_Tabor

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