FRC Mafia [Night 0]

Hello all! I hope you’re ready for some epic mafia.
But first, pesky rules.

  • Please don’t communicate with each other outside of the CURRENT game thread (that is, the most recent one) unless I said you could in your role PM. THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!
  • Please don’t spam, and don’t post unless you are playing, and alive.
  • Please be nice.
  • And finally, have fun!

Violation of these rules may result in being modkilled or banned from future games.

And now, let the games BEGIN!
Everyone, please PM me your night actions if you have them.
And one more thing: Please refrain from talking at night. It ruins the game. I will post when the night is over, but until then, keep quiet, OK? thanks :slight_smile:
Also, there is no night kill on n0.
For those of you who don’t know how the game is played, it’s organized into days and nights. Each night except the first, the mafia kill someone, and each day everyone votes on someone to lynch.
In addition, everyone can do the things I told them in their PMs.
For more information on how to play, check out, and look at their wiki as well.

Whose going to be doing the news paper in the morning? Or is that a role…

Good luck everyone!

gl hf

Alright everyone. Day 1 will begin as soon as I get the remaining night actions.
To clarify about inactivity, anyone who is inactive for more than 2 days will be poked. You will then have 12 hours to respond, and if you don’t you will be modkilled.
Other than that, have fun!
Also, the newspaper thing: I will announce deaths each morning. This includes who died and what their role was.

Begin day 1.
You can all talk now.

Hey whats a great way to not draw attention to yourself?

Not that! :wink:

do we get to vote on day 1? :confused:


One more thing: I’ve noticed some confusion about the days and nights system. To clarify, they do NOT correspond with real-world days and nights.
A day starts when I say so, and ends when a lynch is made.
Sorry about that.

I’m suspecting DarkRune583 of treason seeing as he can’t manage to fix a robot in a month. Must be an undercover Luddite.

Oi! I fixed Cardinal Sin Alpha in under a month! Mind you, it didn’t last long… But it was fixed at one point!

I will do what I usually do and announce that I am the mafia. For all you know, I could be lying. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, what roles are we playing with? Or is it a secret?

I propose we lynch IronicDeadBird for being the first to post after daybreak. That clearly means he was up very early. Who else is either up early (because of not going back to sleep) or up late (because of sleeping in)? The mafia! IronicDeadBird fits into one of these two categories, and should be lynched.

I propose we lynch M1KRONAUT, because he’s the first to propose a victim, and that’s Un-GP :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

I propose we lynch M1KRONAUT, because he’s suddenly moving the voting away from him, and onto others…

M1KRONAUT. We have to lynch someone…

I was going to make that hunger games reference “I volunteer as Tribute” but I feel like I can skip out on making the joke this time…

Going to go ahead and say lynch M1KRO

These guys are all voting the same person out… They’re following a mob mindset. Does that mean these guys are part of the mafia? And M1KRONAUT is the ring leader? :open_mouth: