FRC March Madness

Welcome to FRC March Madness!
From the creator of the GIF Game

Here’s how it works, fill out the bracket in the link below, and hope you picked the winners.

FRC March Madness

The teams that were selected to compete were the top 16 teams from FUN’s top 25 lists from Detroit and Huston last year. Pick the team you think is better and would win on a one-on-one match.

Of course the big winner will be the highest scorer overall, but in the mean time there will be mini tournaments every week to waste your time. :grin:


  1. In the Google Slides file there are 20 brackets ready for you to fill out, Don’t make any changes to the base file.
  2. When you fill out your bracket rename your spreadsheet to your Chief Delphi username.
  3. If all of the spreadsheets make a duplicate of the base file and rename it accordingly.
  4. Don’t make changes to other people’s brackets
  5. Follow all Chief Delphi posting rules
  6. Have Fun!
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Also, post on this thread and say that you are playing.

i’m playin

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new link should allow everyone to do the thing

I want to play, but I should probably be using my time more productively. (I should probably get on to making the base engine code for our robot, since we are a new team.)

That’s cool you can join at any time, but if you join later you probably won’t win the big game. But feel free to join the weekly competitions!

I’m playing. How exactly is this scored?

I’m in!

So If you get a winner right you get 10-20 points based on other factors I’ll reveal after round one.

I’ll play

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Alright but how are you determining winners? FUN Top 25?

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I will also reveal that after FIRST round. You would be able to figure out some of the winners if I told you. Sorry I didn’t plan this great.

how long until you revel the first round? so i know how long i have too fill it out.

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I’m in

I’m playing


Also I’m playing

I’ll play

I’m in as well

Im in