FRC Master list

Does anyone have a FRC master list with all the team #'s and contact information? :confused:

FIRST does not give out contact information for the individual teams.

They used to. How things have changed.

They don’t give it out publicly, but isn’t that information available through the Team Information Management System (TIMS) to select few individuals from your team with the access on the administrative end?

And some teams (currently 60 something) are in the FIRST Contact Database. (Which I need to work on someday. Oh well.)

Nope, not anymore. You can share it, but others can’t access it. Amusing, isn’t it? :slight_smile:

A list off all teams can be found by going to the FIRST website and clicking on the team locator. When it brings up the full map of the US and Canada there will be a drop down menu on the top lefthand corner. Click on the United States option. After that scroll down to the bottom and click “Show all teams competing from this country.” and strangely enough after it loads (which will take a while) it shows every team in the world.

I will be coming up with a 2006 Roster List when the game has been announced and should be completed by the time the robot needs to be shipped. It will be in MSWord Format and will contain the following: Team Number / Team Sponsor & School and if applicable with a hyperlink directing to the teams website which will contain contact information / Team Location. I’ll start with the Old Teams first and make my way down the list adding new teams along the way. I’ll probably start tonite just to get a head start on it.

Is there a problem with HTML? Are you entering stuff manually or doing some sort of databasing?